Kpmg e-tray exercise!


Hey guys

I really need some help on the E-Tray Excercise. I have just done the practice one that Wikijob provides and found it very very time consuming and quite difficult. I have read pretty much all of the KPMG forums and E-tray Forums but still don’t feel very confident in the exercise.

I was wondering if someone could provide some detailed information on here – i would appreciate it loads.

And for the email section - will i have to answer with one least idea and one for the best idea. or will it just be on the one i would go with?

And with the written exercise - is the information given the same as what is given in the first exercise? What is it exactly that needs to be written? Do we recieve emails on which company to choose from the email - and give strategies on how they can expand?

As you can probably tell I am stressing out LOOOADS !

If you could please please help, that would be great !!



There isn’t much you can do to prepare for the etray - i didn’t anyway and don’t see how I could have.
Try to work reasonably quickly but don’t panic if time is running out. If you try to rush you will make mistakes. I only answered 18 out of 24 e-mails, and had barely started my 2nd email for the 2nd section and i still passed.
Quality not quantity!


KPMG assess you against key competences. Dont worry to much about your performance in one part of the assessment centre; you will have the opportunity to sell yourself in the partner interview and during the group exercise you can show that you can meet their competencies. Ultimately just make sure you are yourself and dont get bogged down by any mistakes you make during the day.


I delegated quite a lot tasks when i did the etray. i passed so it seemed to work. also, no spelling mistakes (but that one is obvious…)


Use the PwC practice one, and use the KPMG practice one that is given in the Scottish career website. With the e-trays, it is a case of getting your head in a mode, where you can think like an employee. A lot of it is common sense. I suggest you practice the PwC one and the KPMG one aswell. Try and work as quickly as you can, you might not have to research to find an answer. Try and complete at least 23 or 24, thats what the HR person gave me for advice.

Be careful when you delegate, you shouldn’t delegate to your boss unless it is of importance, but most of the time you won’t delegate to your boss because he/she may be too busy.

It works on a point system, the best answer gets 4 points, the worst gets 1 point.

With the emails, they don’t care about your choices, it is a case of your english, and as long as you are careful with your grammar and you finish the thing, you will be fine. They don’t care about the choices you make, they want to see your english. They may let you off on recurring mistakes. But make sure you complete everything.

Take a calculator with you because you may have to perform simple calculations. Apparently you can get the calculation bits wrong and still pass.


Hi AniD

just wondering where can i find the pwc practice etray and the kpmg one? Some sort of link would be much appreciated



Hey guys,

I have an AC with KPMG next Monday. I’m slightly confused as to how much detail I’ll need to go into for the partner presentation, will I need to include any numbers? Or am I just supposed to talk about its issues and how KPMG can help?

Any help would be appreciated!




I wouldn’t go in to too much detail because 10 mins isn’t actually that long. I made 3 recommendations and that was about right…first I told him what structure I was going to take in the presentation, then brief overview of organisation and area that it operates (sector or geographical area) and then made 3 recommendations and justified them. I finished with saying a couple of ways KPMG could help and then did a brief summary. I used a couple of figures - i think it’s helpful, maybe put some of the figures in to a graph for the handout (if you do one). It’s always good to not say everything so that when you get questions, you still have more information (maybe keep some figures for this purpose). Hope this is helpful. good luck!


The tips that I would give are use the information that you are given, don’t make instinct based decisions, don’t guess as once you have answered you can’t change your answer. I see KPMG as aclient based company, so I chose to deal with clients concerns first, then people above me and then people beneath me. Once you have read the booklet all of it is pretty much common sense.

For the emails, I wrote one really well and provided a lot of suggestions, but it gave them an impression that I could write pretty well. I only spent 20minutes or so on the last email but it was enough time to produce soemthing coherent with an argument within it. One email was for a client and one was internal, I did the client one first and was a lot more formal in it.

I think the main thing with the e-tray is just to work efficiently, there are no wrong answers, just better answers than others. Plan your work for the letters and you will be fine.


Hi Guys,

Has anybody received a formal contract from KPMG for the Performance and Technology scheme for 2010 intake?

I received my offer first half of Dec but am yet to receive the contract!!




Hey guys,

Had my etray day a couple of days ago…cant really say how it went cause i dnt no tbh (fingers crossed)…thought id mention wat the procedure is for the day:

-they take you into a room with many laptops around a table and with your name in front of each laptop.
-the HR guy was really nice and made us feel comfortable with all the instructions etc.
-he had written down four things KPMG looks for 1)Making an impact 2)Business focus 3)Task management 4)Problem solving
-the first part is 70mins in which you have to read information about a fictitious scenario and then answer 24 email which are multiple choice.
-the information is on the laptop aswell as booklet…its exactly the same and i would recommend that you read the online version cause its more easy and less time consuming(i found that)
-after that its a 5 min break to go to the toilet, grab a drink etc.
-then the second part is 50 mins in which u have to answer 2 emails
-you have to mention best business plans which are effective, cost minimising etc
-make sure u spend 25 mins on each as the HR guy was emphasising this. instead of just answering the first one fully and half completing the second one

thats pretty much about it…hope it helps and best of luck