KPMG Disaster


Hi all,

I was really happy to get past the application stage with KPMG as it is my first graduate application and they invited me to do online verbal/numeracy tests.

The verbal test was really hard, but I think I did okay in it.

The maths test was hard as well, but after six minutes, we had a power cut and my pc went off - argh! I have phoned KPMG and they said that the system was showing that I could still complete the test as it was not finished but if that didn’t work to contact gtios support to have them reset the test.

Does this mean if I go back into it and get the option to complete, I will have the same questions, and the rest of my time left, or it will be a new test? My concern is if it is the same questions with the time remaining, how long did it take for it to notice I wasn’t doing anything - might I end up having lost a couple of minutes of test time? Would I be better just emailing gtios and asking them to reset the test?

Anyone experienced this before? I’m really annoyed - it took a good few hours to psyche myself up to do the damn thing and now I have to go through the same mental process again!



OOOps… Rather unfortunate. Whose fault was it? I mean the power outage. Yours or KPMG’s?


I’d say more the power company considering the whole street was off for over an hour and a half!


It is not a big issue at all. There is nothing both you and KPMG can do about it.

If you contact GTOS, you will get your test reset which basically means that you will have to re-do the test(s) and your answers and the remaining time will be waived. The test will begin as fresh, so don’t worry about it.

Best of luck and let us know how you get along with it.


Thanks - I clicked to complete it on the KPMG application site and it took me to a new test with a new time limit so I didn’t have to worry about losing some time when it crashed.

I managed to answer 13 questions, 12 of which I am sure are correct, but it was really hard! I hope I’ve done well enough.


From my experience with these sorts of tests if you have got 12 correct then you should be absolutely fine and go through to the next stage.
I got 8 out of 20 in the KPMG test and got through to the interview. At the interview I was informed that I had got a score of 8 and was in the 53rd percentile. I was also told that the test was negatively marked, which was probably the reason I only scored 8, as I answered 14 questions and then guessed the last few and probably lost marks due to incorrect guesses…


The tests used by KPMG have been noted as the hardest used by any of the [[Big 4]] by quite a few people on this forum.