KPMG-Damn !!! the same thing happened !!! help needed.


KPMG after having booked me for an assessment day at Canary Wharf on 25th Nov have now asked to divert to some other city because all places are filled in London !!!

Dear Uzair,

Since Laura’s previous email confirming that we will be inviting you to attend an assessment centre we have unfortunately now filled all positions on our Graduate Audit programme in London and will be unable to continue with your application for this.

However, we do remain impressed with your profile and are happy to offer you a choice of alternatives such as our Audit programme in an alternative office or an alternative graduate programme with vacancies in our London office. Please refer to our website for a full list of the options available to you.
If you are interested in a programme other than Audit, please read the information and detail on our website to ensure you are fully committed to the role and also that you have the academic requirements. You will then need to email me a new career motivation statement (no more than 250 words) answering the following questions:
What attracts you to the position you have applied for? Why do you want to work for KPMG? What do you think you will be doing in your first year at KPMG?

Please email me your decision by 5pm on 22nd October or I will assume that you no longer wish to pursue your application with KPMG.

Best Wishes
Hema Shamji

Can anybody help me out as I am travelling from abroad which of the following cities which are still open for Audit ACA 2009 are best to work at after London ?

Milton Keynes
Newcastle Upon Tyne
St Albans



In terms of office size, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds are fairly big (at least 600 employees).

If the size of the office is not a concern then pick a city that you think you would enjoy living in.


You could still commute to St Albans, Reading, Gatwick, and possibly even Milton Keynes from London, if that’s where you really want to live. Travel would be reasonably expensive, but not take too long - have a look at and to find out more about train times. However, you wouldn’t want to work at these offices and also live in these places - Reading, St Albans and especially Gatwick are pretty dull for social life!

I’d pick a large city like Manchester or Newcastle to work in, as I think this would be more fun.


What about Birmingham ??? Its second largest city in UK and good business center?



I’ve got an interview for KPMG on Thurs, for London audit aswell, but taking the ACCA. Does this mean that if I’m successful at the first interview I will be told that I need to apply to another office/service line?

Also, I went to Newcastle uni and I live near Manchester, so I’m biased but I would suggest one of these, They’re both great cities to live and work in, Manchester is probably bigger but that just means Newcastle will be easier for you to get to know.


If you get through your first interview you may still get into AC in London sometime early Nov because you are in UK. Since I have to travel from abroad and thats why I arrnaged for a further date. Considering high number of applications they might have thought it wont take long until all vacancies will be filled by those in pipeline and by the time I arrive by the end of Nov all places will be filled by local applicants so to prevent me from any difficult situation they advised me to change location.

People from all over the UK prefer London, despite having good Big4 offices in their home towns? Do you prefer working in hometown or away in London?


I’ve applied for the Sept 2009 intake for audit, and on the KPMG website it is no longer possible to apply for this. Hopefully they are just confident that the amount of applicants they have already recieved is enough.
London is my first choice for a couple of reasons - the experience I can gain there as well as personally wanting to branch out from my home town. that said I definately want to move back to manchester later on in my life for family etc etc. I suppose its just a personal choice but anyone applying for Big4 who doesnt want to work in their hometown, then London is an obvious choice.

Also, Im currently looking at company doing well/badly, I have a few ideas for each but was hoping those Q’s would be a real chance for me to show my business knowledge but now I’m torn between picking a company that they will have heard of but is interesting and a little bit different or picking a company that is a safe bet but that they will probably have heard similar stuff before?? what do you recommend?


this happned to me also, didn’t know they would be filled up so darn quick!


i’m really surprised. uzair, i’d probably recomment manchester or birmingham. they’re big cities with lots to do! also, it probably won’t matter too much anyway as in audit you travel around most of the time to client sites, so it wouldn’t make too much of a difference! living expenses will be less to :slight_smile: