KPMG Corporate Finance and TAS


I have submitted applications for both Deloitte and EY. Almost finished applying to PWC. KPMG seems to have not opened up applications to either CF or TAS. Anyone have any insight as to when they typically open up?



I would have thought, pretty soon. You could call up HR and ask them, but even they might not be able to give you a set date.


By CF i’m guessing you mean Corporate Finance, and TAS Tranaction Services…?! I phoned up KPMG a while ago as I wanted to get my application for TS in as early as possible. However, I was told that TS may not be available to graduates this year given the current economic climate and reduced deal-flow. They told me to check the website daily, and eventually TS may appear as one of the areas we can apply to (along with the usual audit and tax roles etc) - but then again it may not appear!

Hope this helps :smiley:

  • I mean Transaction Services, not Tranaction Services :stuck_out_tongue:


I interned at KPMG and they have frozen recruitment this year for TS and I am not sure if they are recruiting for CF this year. I was 1 of 54 London interns who got the graduate job offer with KPMG in Corporate Finance but that was because no other intern decided to go for that specific department.

Hope that helps. If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to contact me.



Sul, could you run us through your internship briefly - what you did, what it was like, what the people at KPMG were like?

Also, what was the interview process like for KPMG internship, corporate finance?


Sul, is that to say KPMG won’t be hiring anyone into TS for 2009?


Imiliano, that’s right - no one will be recruited until further notice for 2009 TS at KPMG.

Redsuperted…the people at KPMG are really nice. I fully recommend you try out an internship there in a role where you’ll be in the office so you’ll get to know the real culture. I did an online app, online test, e-tray in their offices, then got invited for a 1 hour competency interview and business knowledge and current affairs knowledge. I would advise you to read up on KPMG background, facts, current news and how that effects KPMG. During my internship I did routine tax compliance work, went to a few meetings to clients like FIAT, and met some UBS investment bankers who were execs.

For the grad role you can choose your department, I did, I changed from Tax to Corporate Finance for which I had a 10 minute presentation on a business of my choice and a 50 minute interview with a partner towards the end of my internship.The partner didn;t know how many people are being recruited into CF this year, he said maybe just me, maybe up to 15. It depends!