KPMG company to Present



I Have booked KPMG assesment centre date today, it will be on tuesday. I am a little nervious that I wont be able to prepare ontime.
I initially thought of presenting Morrisons, it seemed to be logical because the business is retail and they are expanding and now Sir Ken Morrison is retires.
However everyone suggests to choose a company which is not KPMGs current client, and Morrison IS! Would it be such a bad idea to present it?

I have my interview for Edinburgh Audit and Morisson is audited by Leeds office. Apart from this bright idea I have no clue on what company I can present. I was thinking about M&S but everyone seems to prepare it, and WHSmith- but they are, I believe also audited by KPMG.
I am lost, any suggestions?


take Argos, Woolworths, Sommerfields, Lidl, Carephone Wharehouse, Phones4u and so on. too many out there. feel comfortable before doing it. Primark is doing very well now, i think they are one of the brightest in high street. it is all about retail. you might want to try others as well. good luck.

choose online retailers if you want

also see it is a good stuff to talk about.
see Dreams Beds superstore, their service level much better than other high street bed retailers.

Ryan Air, EasyJet

Mittal steel will be successful company as the competition is now not so fierce as it has acquired many of the competitors and now some regulations force small to medium steel makers go out of business and be targets of large ones like Mittal Steel.

good luck anyway


I woudn’t worry too much about the fact that Morissons is a KPMG client, especially if audited by another office. If you know it well and can talk comfortably about it, you’d be daft to pick something you know less well. However, I would prepare something else just in case; you might coincidently find a better example as you investigate another company.

Hope this helps! Good luck!