KPMG - Commercial Awareness


Hi to anyone who has already undergone a KPMG assessment centre!!

I have been fasttracked to their AC ( I know im just as surprised ) and wanted to know what kind of commerciality questions have been asked?

Im looking at SOX, stress tests, derivatives markets and general business news.

any tips??

Thanks :smiley:



As the interview is competency based, the competency which will assess your ‘commerciality awareness’ is Business Focus. We just expect you to know about current affairs in relation to businesses.

The below is more information on what we expect from this competency:

Business Focus
It’s very important to us that our employees are genuinely interested in business and commercial issues. We really want people to be passionate about the business world.

Ask yourself the following questions:

• Have you had a job where you gained real insight into the factors affecting a business?

• Could you see how this business could be further developed?

• Do you keep up-to-date with the business news by reading the press and watching or listening to the media?

• Do you read about various organisations and can you offer ideas about how they could develop their activities and improve their results?

I hope the above helps with your query.

Best wishes,