KPMG China programme closed?


anybody know about that?
seems like all positions in London have been filled up!!
what other cities do you consider second best besides London?
Manchester? Cambridge? Reading?


KPMG certainly seem to be recruiting far less people this season.


not sure if its far less or just far earlier!


Might want to take a look at PWC if you haven’t already.


i had my 1st round interview on 3Nov and they emailed me today saying the graudate audit programme in london is filled up. they offered me a choice of alternative office or an alternative graduate programme with vacancies in London office.

i’m thinking of nottingham office cos im staying in notts. anyone know about kpmg nottingham office? how many ppl are working?


I am worried other KPMG offices may fill up quite early too. This early fill up didnot happen elsewhere and London vacancies are still open with PwC, Deloitte and may even with EY.

After reading the KPMG list I have observed following cities are now closed : London , Gatwick, Reading, St Albans and Bristol. It was logical to see them closed because London was the first one to get filled and so as a result the next choices for everyone were cities like gatwick reading St Albans etc.

I made the right decision not to go for cities closer to london once I was diverted away from London.


Depends where you’re gonna end up though…


where did you choose?
i chose birmingham, but no further details regarding when there will be an assessment centre


this afternoon i emailed back saying i would like to choose nottingham


to anywind, that’s good because you are now at nottingham
how about Uzairch? where did u choose?


I chose Birmingham. I have my AC on 26 Nov subject to my visa processing time !


Xo I can tell you the dates available at Birmingham KPMG

They are
26th Nov
9th Dec
7th Jan
27th Jan
4th Feb

These are the possible dates that were given to me by KPMG contact person.


thank you Uzairch, i contacted Caroline yesterday and she suggested me to attend an AC at another city because 26 Nov is full already.


Another date or another city? You want to choose another city ?


how did you contact KPMG, phone call or email? how long did they reply to you? i emailed them on Thursday and haven’t got their reply yet.

To xo, if u applying for another city, does it affect your china programme application?


well china programme is officially closed.
now i’m applying for Birmingham ACA/audit
I found out they tend not to check email in thursdays and fridays, so i made a call
but anyway, they said they will come back to me next monday…so I guess they will reply you next week too.


xo, have you heard from them today???


yes. how about you?


19NOV birmingham AC.

presentation and partner interview at nottingham office on another day.

xo, what about u?

anyone go to birmingham for AC on 19NOV?


i’m on the same date but going to London.
partner interview not confirmed yet.