KPMG BPIT Graduate Scheme


Hello, I have just received a job offer from KPMG in Dublin for their Business Performance and IT Advisory department. This is a very interesting prospect for me and of course a great comoany to work for. My main concern however is that part of the training of this grad scheme is to fo through the exams to become a chartered accountant (I am unsure of whether they are ACA or ACCA). I have just graduated with a first class honours degree from Queen’s University, Belfast in Business Information Technology. My career amibitions for quite a while has been to enter technology/business consultancy and BPIT at KPMG is something very much like that, though with a financial side to it as well.

I know this is a good opportunity but I am seriously wondering whether it is worth another 3.5 years of my life to become a chartered accountant when I won’t even be working in accountancy. Does anyone have any experience and advice in this dilemma???


It is worth it. Having the ACA is a golden ticket career wise- much more valuable than your degree.