KPMG Birmingham Assessment Centre - 7th January


Hello everybody, I was just wondering if anyone has their KPMG Assessment Centre on the 7th January in Birmingham? Because I do !!!


Well done


greenelephants for what service line do you have your AC for? I had my AC on the 9th but i recieved an email on the 5th informing me that my AC has been cancelled and that all the places for birmingham have now been filled. which was quite absurd! let me know of your service line. and best of luck with your AC!


Oh my god, that is so bad ali… my service line is auditing. I am quite scared now that places are filling up so quickly. What was your service line? I haven’t recieved any emails as of yet…! Please write back thanks


mine was auditing as well! now they have given me choices of either Aberdeen office or Plymouth both of which are pretty small offices! i do not know what to do!i hope that doesnt happen to of luck!


Thanks Ali !! Ahhhhh that is a nightmare, but definately go ahead and go for the assessment day. At least if you get it then it will give you that choice of going for it and also if it doesn’t go your way at least you have had that practice. Good luck for whatever you choose to do. :slight_smile: !!


Ali was yoru assessment centre meant to be on the 9th December?


yeah it was on 9th december. the fact that i even got a formal invitation letter thn i was informed only 4days before the Ac that i am no longer booked fr it was wierd! anyhow i dont think i would be coming for an assessment centr as i belong and reside in pakistan and its quite costly for me to travel all the way to the UK. Plymouth and Aberdeen arnt atractive enough :slight_smile: