KPMG background checking


Hi all

I’m very lucky to get a grad offer with KPMG and will start in March, now KP asked me to provide information for background checking. I’m confused about the following questions and need your suggestions urgently. Any help really appreciated.

About requesting reference letters, are they going to call my referees and ask questions or just email referees? I’m an international student, one of my referees is in my home country and he’s not native english speaker so his spoken english is not very good. He wants me to find out if KP will talk to him in english on the phone, if so, he needs to improve his spoken english beforehand. Does anyone know if KP will call and ask questions to referees overseas in english language or local language?

Also, my original high school transcripts are in my home country, I only have copies of them (not the original ones) in UK, is it ok to submit the copies (not the original ones)? My high school transcripts are not in english, do I need to translate them into english?

When I did the application form, I didnt have my high school transcripts with me so I put the grades as I remembered, but lately after found the copies of my transcripts, I realized that some grades I put on the application form are not exactly the same as they are on my transcrpits, and I didn’t put all the subjects I took onto my application form. Although all my grades have reached KP’s requirements, will KP hr staff compare grades of all the subjects on my transcripts with the ones I put on my application form to see if they are the same? If not the same, are they going to withdraw my job offer?

Thank u and best luck for everyone’s job hunting!


They might be able to get someone who speaks that foreign language in the UK or someone from a local KPMG office to call.

If you have a concern about language let them know - they won’t hold it against you if the referee isn’t a native english speaker

I think they will expect something in writing though

You should ask them if copies are ok - you probably don’t need to translate

Yes they will compare the subjects on the form and the transcript - if they find differences they might withdraw the offer


Your questions are all quite valid given your circumstances and you should phone KPMG and ask them to help you!
Remember that for the majority of applicants there is a set procedure. HR will just send out all the usual forms and assume they “fit all”. So give them a ring today and get it all sorted instead of trying to second guess things on a forum.