KPMG Audit UK/Germany


Hi All,
Just as information for anyone applying for the Audit UK/Germany scheme, the Assessment Centre is not the end of the process…

I had a phone call this afternoon to say I had passed my AC very well but for UK/Germany there is one more stage. Someone from HR in Germany has a short telephone interview with you after. I am not sure what they ask yet, if anyone knows let me know!!!

Anyway, I have what I hope is then my final interview on Wednesday and I will post to say what happens for the benefit of future applicants for this scheme!

Still glowing about passing the AC :slight_smile:



You did well, I know a lot of graduates struggle. Well done :slight_smile:

If you have time, anything you could add or suggest for us to add to our wiki here - KPMG interview questions | WikiJob - woul db eextremely appreciated :slight_smile:



Good work! Sounds like you are almost there, they probably just want to find out about your interest in Germany - I would say if you have got through the assessment day you are pretty much there, especially if you’ve already hatd your partner interview.


Just had my partner call, I got the job. :smiley:

In terms of the application form to offer, the majority of the issues are already covered in the Wiki.

Some things you may like to add are:

In the Group exercise make sure you read the whole of the booklet, you ONLY get those 10 minutes (there is too much discussion to be done in the remaining time) and lucky for us one person made it to the end in our group (there’s a couple of really important considerations on those last couple of pages) and brought the issue up. For KPMG one of the core competencies is task management, so if nobody finishes it and brings up these points I can see it having an impact on the performance of the group as a whole.

In terms of applying for UK/Germany Audit, which might be an interesting addition to the Wiki, the last process after the AC (assuming it goes OK) around a week later, someone from HR in Germany will ring you up and have a 10-15 minute chat with you. It really was a chat, we discussed how she lived up the road from me in Berlin and maybe we should go for a coffee some time. Then we talked a bit about how I’d learned German and what cities in Germany I know well and such like. Then she asked me if I wanted to know anything, so I asked a couple of questions related to tax/health insurance complications because I am not exempt from paying German Health Insurance having lived there more than 3 years already (for the first year a UK Citizen who has paid NI in previous years is paid for by the NHS).

Anyway, having discussed all that then she said someone would be in contact and like I say the partner rang me up today (around 24 hours later)

Good luck to everyone else, and if anyone applies for UK/Germany and wants to ask anything from this long term expat to Germany about working in Germany then I’m happy to discuss!



Oh yeah, the chat is IN GERMAN, the point being to test your language ability to make sure you didn’t lie on the form about how good you were. Sorry, forgot to mention!



I’ve just received an e-mail from HR saying that I’ve passed the assessment centre and that I’ll get a call from someone in Germany, but will also have to take a Linguarama test. Has anyone got any idea what sort of test that is? I’m hoping it’s not business German as I have very little knowledge in that area…




The linguarama test is a knowledge based test covering country culture, history and language. It sounds like its being used to gauge how easily you’ll slip in to working in Germany - not as part of your assessment so much as to let your assessors know how much support you’ll need when/if you get to Germany.

Shouldn’t be too bad, can you speak German? …do you have much knowledge of Germany?


I lived in Germany whilst on a gap year in 2005, so I spoke the lingua ok at the time… will be interesting to see how much I’ve retained!

I may go and do a bit of online research into the test.

Thanks for your help,



Sorry for not replying on time. I didn’t have to do the test but I think they presumed cos I have lived and worked here for the last 3 years and have a German partner. I wouldn’t worry mostly they just asked me some questions on the phone interview about where I worked what I did how I learned German and stuff, no business German but tbh Business German is 90% of the time just Denglish!