KPMG Audit Programme 2016 Birmingham



Can anybody give any advice on interview please for KPMG Audit Degree Programme. Tests complete and update received stating passed to Birmingham Uni and should hear something within 5 days. Do the Uni now consider application like they would through UCAS to decide whether they want to progress? what type of questions do they ask at office interview? Any help much appreciated, thanks.



Thank you for your comment. The interview will be competency based and further information to prepare for the interview can be found on our website.

You can still apply for university places separate to the KPMG school leavers programme.

I hope I have answered your questions.




Are all Birmingham positions filled as I have gone on the website and there are no positions available? Does this mean I’m too late?


Hi Lucy,

All our open vacancies are on our website. If you are unable to find a programme it means it has been closed.

You can sign up to our “Smart Network” where you can register your interest for a particular programme.