KPMG audit - partner interview


Hey guys

I have my partner interview coming up,

I have prepared my presentation,

I also expect a few general questions on my presentation and a few questiona such as why audit why komg etc.

Is there anything else i should expect,

Thank you


During my Partner Interview I had some competency questions too. Same as the first interview really, just the ones they left out! I didnt have many though, 5 at most


hey guys, I have a question regarding the presentation. Do you have to prepare handout for the partner? Or better to do so??



You can succeed with the presentation in a number of ways. It depends on whats going to suit you best. I had a handout which to be honest was my whole presentation. I basically spoke what was on the page. Of course, you shouldnt really need too look down to often, I Didnt. But it went fine that way.

I also know of some applicants who were successful without handouts. Best practice would be to do what makes you feel most comfortable. Although i would say that a handout shows a certain level of effot and time.


hi axs772, I thought the same as well and I have prepared the handout. I think that would make the partner to follow my presentation more easier. Most important, it shows my time and effort spent on the preparation.

Thanks for ur advices.


You will need to understand any ideas or proposals that you make. Plus Why they suit the company best? What KPMG can offer in the way of services. With any company, I think you could argue that an Audit, will enable any firm to make better informed judgements. Also, checking their compliance with regulatory bodies which will both reduce the risk of fines and reduce the cost of compliance itself. Use the KPMG website, it is by far the most useful for this.


Hi axs 772. I did not apply for the Audit position but Advisory, therefore for my presentation I would focus on how KPMG’s Advisory could help the firm expand overseas, giving planning and strategic advices, improving business efficiency internally and so on. I do not intend to suggest Audit service because the firm I am going to talk about is a small, and privately owned company, not public listed company. From you words I feel I really need to understand the services that KPMG provided, will the partner ask those things in depth??? How about in your case, did the partner ask you something difficult?

Again, thanks for your suggestions.


Hello Fellow Wiki users,

I stumpled across this site now around 7am in the morning whilst preparing for my FIRST telephone interview with Atos Origin next week. I read all the posts here and am amazed at all the useful feedback people are getting, so here goes my questions.

Has anyone been through the Atos Origin graduate application process, if yes please let me know what the telephone interview was like… was it cometency based …extra

I am most worried about the question they will ask about the company itself and want to come across knowledgable…ofcourse the Atos Origin website is my second online home after facebook…lol…but how can i take it one step further?


sa gal, i think your better of posting on the main forum. for a response

in terms of a handout - i think its better you do so

I only got asked why my company - so if your points are clear and full the partner is unlikley to ask much unless you are vague in an area


Hi msra6jm4, I think you better to create a new post regarding Ntos Origin’s intervew question



Its good to show the partner that you know what they do! I dont think you need to go into too much detail, just overview of what they do and why it would help the client. I didnt get asked any questions on what kpmg can do… the questions where more about my proposals and why they are important for expansion.