KPMG Audit London (Mandarin)


Hi Sam,

I know that there are a lot of applicants but it’s been over 2 months, is it possible for me to chase up on the final interview? I am also worried the position might have already been filled up, would you mind checking it for me? I have emailed Diana but she didn’t give me any specific details. Thanks!


Same for me I applied for technology consulting in Manchester and been waiting for two months.
Is there any way KPMG could let us know whether we’re likely get an interview or whether it’s possible the positions will fill up before?


Hi both,

Sorry about the delays here. The Tech and London roles have been by far the most popular this year, which is why there is a delay. We are currently getting everything arranged for the end of May, so you should hear from a member of the team soon.

Sorry once again for the delay.




Hi Sam,

What will happen if I don’t hear back by end of May? Will you continue to arrange interview in June? I am worried that the position will filled up by then, if so will I be given the option to transfer to any other offices or even service line? Thanks


We will have to assess the situation in June as we have conducted a large number of final interviews in May. We will always look to keep your application running even if the original position you applied to has been taken, so please do not worry too much at this point. As we have a lot going on in May, I’m afraid I can’t be much more specific at this point, as we will need to look at where we are once May is finished.

Sorry for the vague answer!