KPMG Audit ACA-CA in London closed!


Have anyone else of you observed city of London is no longer available in the drag down menu of KPMG available cities for Audit CA-ACA Graduate opportunities 2009. Do they close down london so early every year?


yes i was invited for an assessment centre for a graduate audit position in london but they just emailed me today that they have already filled in all the positions in the london office. I am situated in Pakistan and toatlly unsure which location in the UK should be my second preference. can anyone help me with that?


This is pretty early. Quite strange.


Oh No! I am also situated in Pakistan and I have been invited to an assessment center on 25th November 2008 at Canary Wharf London.

I am worried now.


if they haven’t said anything to you about it yet, i wouldnt worry.


Bummer - I was hoping to send an application out on Monday! Are they still accepting applications for other areas/service lines?


Out of interest, if you are coming from Pakistan, do you require a UK work permit? Perhaps they only offer a certain number of work permits per year and have filled this quota?


london always fills up quicker than other locations. i don’t think its related to work permits, i’m afraid, as i’ve just had a look. might be worth calling them up just to double check tho! interestingly, tax is still open. they have a much larger intake of audit than tax. this leads me to believe that it is due to a high volume of applicants who would have otherwise chosen to enter IB - {i.e. take the ACA route, then change}.


Is KPMG lowering recruitment numbers for 2009? Btw for the guys flying in from Pakistan for interviews, are KPMG reimbursing your airline tickets? That would be pretty cool.


Yes they will be re-imbursing pound 200 and they offered a booking in a hotel for one night.
My ticket would cost me some around pound 350. So its a pretty cool deal.


Someone mentioned an 80% increase in applications this year. I originally applied for the 2008 program but defered to 2009 since I wanted to work in London - it’s possible others may have done the same. I know that London always fills up fast but this is a record I think.


St Albans is closed also now


yes London, St Albans, Gatwick, Reading and Bristol are closed now


There are 3 contributory factors:

  1. Audit services in general have taken quite a big hit of late - tax services are currently performing significantly better (in terms of generating revenue for firms) than audit.

  2. Many people who would have gone IB are trying to get into accountancy.

  3. The Big4 are cutting their graduate intake - lets get real, we are in a recession and despite protestations to the contrary the Big4 are experiencing a (in some cases significant) drop in business. The natural reaction is to reduce hiring.

This will be one of the toughest years for a long time for finding graduate jobs. If you can’t find the job you want this year then find something useful to do for a year and apply next year - the likelihood is that the economy will have bottomed out by then and graduate employers will be hiring again in greater numbers.