Hi guys. I have applied the audit graduate program in July. However, they just told me that I passed my online tests and nothing else. Has any of you got a first round interview? Thanks


Hi kate, I applied to the audit mandarin programme and was told yesterday that I was successful. hr said will be in contact shortly to arrange for an interview, but first they need to confirm with the team to see if a mandarin test is necessary. Hope this helps.


Hi Kate, I was invited to an interview too but not got dates yet, have you yet? I also applied for Audit in July


Hi guys. I should have my tele interview this afternoon but I didn’t get the call!! I dialed the recruitement team number but nobody answered the phone!! have emailed them to see what happened. Does anyone have similar experience?? really frustrated


I’ve now had three telephone interviews scheduled. They didn’t call for the first two. Spoke to Grad Recruitment each time and they just said they’d look into it. Third attempt is scheduled for tomorrow. Ridiculously frustrating as I don’t deal well with interviews, and it isn’t giving me a great impression of the company.


Hi guys just want to update on the interview to help you guys have an idea of what’s going on at the moment. I just had my interview two days ago. All the questions I got asked were mentioned on discussion threads here. There are four kinds of questions that will be asked: delivers quality, resilience, career motivation and business awareness. Prepare for these questions and you will be fine. Be prepared to be challenged on your answers though, the interviewer will ask you follow up questions based on your answer. In my experience it’s very important that you understand what the interviewer wants to hear from you. If you don’t hit the right point, s/he will keep asking and it won’t reflect well on you. Hope this will help. Best of luck to all who have interviews coming up :slight_smile:


Hey i had mine last week and i strangely was NOT asked why kpmg/audit but qs around it. From what i remember it was:

Competency + follow up qs (my guy asked about 4/5 follow ups):

-manage multiple deadline ; how did you prioritise? What criteria did you use to decide which tasks were hardest? How did that work out?

  • exceptional customer service ; explain the process (related to my answer mainly), what was good about what you did? What was the most difficult thing about this situation?
  • time you followed an approach/objective you didn’t agree with ; why did you agree with it? Right decision? How did you go about understanding this diff approach? Did it put you off the work?
  • overcame an obstacle ; what would you do diff? hardest part?


  • problems affecting uk companies over past 2 years ; biggest prob? sector most affected? why?
  • company doing bad atm ; business opportunities going forward? Can they make a comeback? Why do you think so? (i had said yes)


  • worst thing about 1st year
  • what have you done to research kpmg ; what did you learn that was new?
  • what would you do in the first yr?
  • most challenging thing about your first yr?


  • client wants to see a review but has to be proof read before
  • manager wants you to redo/relook over a task and your other colleagues are busy. What do you do?

Hope that helps!


Hey guys, has anyone been asked to attend assessment centre?


Yes, I have my assessment centre on 7th oct for Risk Consulting… Anyone else coming in for AC on that day?


Hey allen seraphim, good luck for ur AC. Did they tell u what I’ll be doing on AC like group exercise, etray, re online testing etc. urs is like day after tomorrow. Good luck


Hi guys! How long did it take to hear back after the first interview? It’s been a week now. I called the recruitement team yesterday and asked to check it for me but still nothing…


Hey allen seraphim,

How did your AC go? I have mine coming up also, so any advice for me.



Hey nightmare, when’s your AC?


Hey nightmare, when’s your AC? I got mine coming pretty soon too. Good luck!


Hi alviyah,

Mine’s on 16th? What about you?


Hi nightmare,

Mine is in 15. How are you preparing for the AC? Have you done any preparation?


I had my AC 2 weeks ago and found out I passed after 4 days buy since then I’ve heard nothing new. I received the same email again from a different member of the recruitment team telling me I had passed but nothing new.

How long does it usually take between AC and Partner Interview?


Hi, nightmare,

I also have an assessment centre on 16th and it’s in London. Where is yours?


Hey yaurovaolga,

I got mine on 16 as well now in London. How are u preparing for the AC.? Good luck!


Hi alviyah,

Good luck to you too, see you there! I only found out about it yesterday, didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. I reviewed verbal reasoning tests in case they decide to retest us, but that’s it for now. What about you?