KPMG Assessment Day Canary Wharf Office Tuesday, 25th November 2008


I have been booked on Tuesday, 25th November 2008 at KPMG Canary Wharf Office for an assessment day. Is there anybody else around coming on the same day at the same KPMG office ?


what role is that for?


Audit ACA-London 2009


hmm well I have a first round interview next week so i’ll try my very best!


Ok best of luck … I was however fast tracked to assessment day so I didnt attend first round interview.


Where else have you applied Uzairch?


PwC and KPMG only. I havent applied in EY coz they dont offer ICAEW and I am already 8 ICAEW papers exempt so interested in ICAEW only. Deloitte application was rejected in Feb 2008 so have to wait until next Feb to apply again.

I am international applicant and only Big4 offers work permit therefore I havent applied in any other firm, stakes are high.


I see. I take it you have foreign languages though, and if you’ve been fast-tracked your academics are probably good, so you certainly have something to offer PwC and KPMG I’m sure.