KPMG Assessment Centre


I’m writing this because I promised I would if I was successful as I am indebted to the inside information stored on this site, can’t explain how helpful it was in preperation for interviews and assessment centres.

KPMG Assessment Centre Tax London

9:00 - Start of assessment centre at 15 Canada Square (next to canary wharf), make sure you arrive early I turned up 15 minutes early and there was already 4 fellow candidates there, don’t think how early you show up has a bearing but obviously don’t be late.

Your met by the gentleman/lady who emailed you to inform of the details of the assessment centre, they will be from HR and spent the first 15 minutes taking you to the assessment room and introducing themsleves and going through some general housekeeping.

9:15- Introduce yourself to the others one by one (there were 12 candidates in my assessment centre, mostly tax, some consulting) stating your name and your uni and course/job.

Then you will get startered on the e-tray exercise, it will be explained to what you have to do prior to the clock starting, for me it was answer 24 emails which had multiple choice answers in 70 minutes. There is a booklet of information provided for which you have to refer to when making decisions in emails (you do not have all 24 emails to begin with some are sent to you through out the 70 mins). The information stored in the book is also stored on the laptop but i choose to view it in hardcopy because I found the book easier to navigate than the menus, it also allowed me to keep the email with the possible answers on the screen whilst vewing the info in the book.

Questions will be off verbal and numerical reasoning nature very much like the online tests just in a more applied sense. An example of verbal reasoning would be how and when to respond to client/coleague you are given background info and it is your decision to choose how iminent the demand is. Numerical reasoning would be to determine the least successful shop in an area, the neccessary inforamtion will be provided for you to work it out ( you have rough paper and a calculator).

I completed it with a few minutes to spare, I managed my time well, didn’t panic and always kept my mind on the target that there would be 24 emails in total. It’s important to remember how many you will have in total (you will be told beforehand) because when your in the midst of the exercise and emails keep pouring in you can be tempted to think that their not going stop coming!

On completition of this you have a 5 minute break to grab a coffee or some water and go to the toilet, and then your in to the second part of e-tray exercise. This is a written assessment, you have 2 emails to respond to in 50 mins. The companies are the same from part 1 but new information is provided so part 1 info is then irrelevant. The 2 emails i got was to choose the best areas to invest £200K in and the best area to invest in marketing. These do not discriminate against


Apologies I’m new to this forum I thought the save button would save my work so far not upload it! if you search for KPMG assessment centre you can find the whole article

…sorry for being a troll


Apologies I’m new to this forum I thought the save button would save my work so far not upload it! if you search for KPMG assessment centre you can find the whole article

…sorry for being a troll


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