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Best to pick a business you understand and is simple for everyone else to understand… usually a retail chain is easier than an insurance company.

Focussing on a company that could clearly improve is a good thing. When I did my interview, I used M&S and at the time they were in dire need of help. It served me well.

You want to go for just the bigger picture but be specific, e.g. start selling online, hire designers to improve items, redecorate stores, new marketing campaign, targetting new markets that sort of thing. You don’t need any numbers.

Really they are looking for:
[]Your ability to present well
]An understanding of what makes a business ‘good’ vs ‘bad’
[*]Ability to back up and argue persuasively your points when questioned (which you will be)

Hope this helps!


I totally agree with all of that!


has anyone been to an ernst and young AC day? i’ve got mine coming up but there seems to be alot less info concerning Ernst and Young. thanks guys!


I don’t think we’ve got much info about it; we’re looking for someone to help write some more specific info (please go ahead if you can!). I know that the interviews are competency based and it is much the same as for the other Big 4; if you prepare well for those you should be well prepared for E&Y.


I Have booked KPMG assesment centre date today, it will be on tuesday. I am a little nervious that I wont be able to prepare ontime.
I initially thought of presenting Morrisons, it seemed to be logical because the business is retail and they are expanding and now Sir Ken Morrison is retires.
However everyone suggests to choose a company which is not KPMGs current client, and Morrison IS!
I have my interview for Edinburgh Audit and Morisson is audited by Leeds office. Apart from this bright idea I have no clue on what company I can present. I was thinking about M&S but everyone seems to prepare it, and WHSmith- but they are, I believe also audited by KPMG.
I am lost, any suggestions?


If you know a lot about Morrisons I wouldn’t worry too much about them being a client of KPMG. The chances are that you are interviewed by anyone that actually deals with them is very slim. It’s better to talk about something you know and are interested in than to prepare something inferior.

It might be worth preparing one other if you have time just to see if you can come up with anything better.

Good luck!


Thank you Chris,

I will try to find some other company for the presentation apart from Morrisons,prepare both and go with the one I would feel more comfortable with.

Thanks again


take Argos, Woolworths, Sommerfields, Lidl, Carephone Wharehouse, Phones4u and so on. too many out there. feel comfortable before doing it. Primark is doing very well now, i think they are one of the brightest in high street. it is all about retail. you might want to try others as well. good luck


i have the assessment thingie for kpmg on tuesday, 2nd of sept 08 and i am thinking of doing a presentation on dorothy perkins.
but i am a little worried since i cannot find its financial statement and annual report. do i have to include numbers and figures about how EXACTLY they are doing??? profits/losses perhaps?? if so then i’m pretty much screwed.
and also, i am running out of suggestions on how it could improve. any ideas???
i’d be really grateful…


I have recently been invited to an assessment day at KPMGs Leeds. During my final year i completed a presentation on a company that had two options, eithr to outsource its customers services facility to an Indian vendor or retain this function in-house! Do you think this presentation would be suitable to present to an KPMG partner? The presentation has three distinct sections which cover the advantages + disadvantages, a few financial considerations and a summary and final synopsis. Both companys are make believe but i have a comprehensive set of figures which outlined in a comparable structure which i would intend to give as a handout. Any advice would be much appreciated…


I think the much talked about community work, is not unique to KPMG’s corporate responsibility only. All its competitors do sustainability campaigns, donate work hours and funds.
If you want to talk about the distinctiveness of KPMG, probably you can mention the employee-employer relationship, integrity of the members, the way KPMG works with its clients the awards they have won, etc.


Guys perhaps you could help with the following issue.

I want to present a building company that I have worked for in the past but who currently is a KPMG client. I can remember that during one of the campus presentations a KPMG fellow told me that he’d presented Morrisons during his partner interview, which is also a KPMG client.
I have not yet received my partner interview confirmation, but they seem to be indicating who will the partner in the confirmation email. What if I contact him/her directly and ask permission to present an existing client, would that be too brave?
Thanks in advance for any suggestion/advice.


You can present on one of KPMGs clients if you wish, but in doing so you’re basically stepping into the firing line. You will have be extremely meticulous with your research - whilst it’s not a definite that your partner will have anything to do with that client, in the event that he or she DOES, you will essentially be presenting to one of THE experts on the matter. Sound daunting to you? It does to me. If you know your stuff then yeah, you stand to impress them but it’s risky if you ask me. My advice would be choose a different company - in the same industry if that’s where your knowledge is strongest.

That being said, it fundamentally doesn’t matter what company you choose, just that you do thorough research on the company, that you have well thought out ideas and that you can justify them.

So, it’s up to you really. It’s not against the rules - it states in your presentation brief that “the organisation you choose does not need to be a KPMG client.” See here for the brief

Good luck


edit: Also, unless its changed from last month, you won’t be finding out who your partner will be until you get there.


Thanks for the link. I cannot remember where I have read it, but I was thinking you SHOULD NOT present on a KPMG client. I have over two weeks to explore the topic(:
As to the interview with someone who knows about the company and has dealt with it, it does not scare me. I will never know as much as they know, especially if they do provide tax and strategic advise apart from external auditing. Just the opposite, you will have something to chat about. In the end of the day, they want to see good reasoning rather than professional answers, imho.
It would also be naive to think that if you present on a local pub or bakery, they will be less aware of the industry and all the opportunities, risks and threats involved, than you are. If they want to trick you, they will do so, but it does not seem to be a priority for KPMG.

Thanks for your support.

P.S. May I also use this opportunity to wish you guys Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


" In the end of the day, they want to see good reasoning rather than professional answers, imho"

Exactly right. My point is simply that I personally think its a bigger risk to go with a client than a non client. It could be fine, but I think it’s a minefield. If you do, make sure you do some pretty meticulous research, so that (for example) you don’t end up recommending something the company is already doing or something they’ve tried in the past, or not knowing some publicly available fact or figure about them that you might get asked about.

Best of luck and Merry Christmas!