KPMG Assessment centre september 2015


Have an assessment centre next week. Can anyone let me know the duration of each exercise in KPMG’s assessment centre?


It would depend on whether you are coming through for a 2015 or 2016 role. Which intake have you applied to?




I have applied for a January 2016 intake. However the role is for graduate 2015.


Hi Sam,

I will be soon applying for a 2015 role and I was wondering you can tell me as to how the AC differs for a 2015 role to a 2016 role, i.e. will I have a role play exercise or a group exercise? Many thanks


You will be doing: Analysis Exercise (1 hour), Virtual Office (1 hour), and the two roles plays (30 minutes in total - 15 minute preparation time, followed by the actual 15 minute role play). The day has regular breaks throughout, including lunch, so will almost be a full office day.


The main difference is that in 2015 roles, you would do two role plays (1 with a client, 1 with a line manager), and the 2016 roles, you would do a group exercise. The other elements (analysis exercise and virtual office) remain the same for both. I hope that helps.


Hi Sam, may I ask how long the group exercise will take? My intake year is 2016.
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The graduate recruitment team told me that there may be an online test resit and you do this on random basis? But last time you told me there is no online test? I am a little confused about this.
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It is on a very ad-hoc basis, so there is a small chance of a resit, but at most assessment centres it wouldn’t happen.

The group exercise should last for 45 minutes.

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The group exercise should last for about 45 minutes. The online resits happen on a very ad hoc basis, so I can’t guarantee it won’t happen, but it is quite rare.




Hi all
I just attended KPMG’s AC and thought of giving back what I gained from the forums. The day started by 9:30 or so and lasted until 3pm. We had Analysis Exercise 15min brief prep and 1 hour for writing the report. I would advice strongly to keep the competencies in mind while attending this exercise (actually all the exercises). Since they have very few actors few of us were asked to attend virtual office (tasks, emails, voicemails and video-mails). Again 15 min prep time and 60 mins to reply. No mail is interlinked so reply as soon as you read (don’t forget the SAVE and SUBMIT). Role play with client is as described in the previous forums :- tip just lead and listen to them.
With manager :- just be honest (they try to help us get what they want through the questions- don’t be irritated if they ask again and again, they want to see our thinking skills). And at the end just enjoy the day to the fullest. And don’t forget to refer to 2013 AC experiences they have covered all. However, 2016 applicants will be having group exercise instead of role-plays. Good Luck to all.


Hi Sam,
This is Amy. I attended the AC on September 16 and I just found out that I passed it. During the break of AC, I talked to other candidates and they told me the start date of the positions in 2016 is in September? But I remembered that the intensive Mandarin audit programme which I applied will start in January 2016? I am a little confused about this. So could you tell me when the intensive Mandarin audit graduate programme will start next year?
Thank you for your time.


Hi Amy,

Our Intensive programmes all start on 21st September (i.e. Monday). Who had informed you that it started in January? I just want to check we’re all giving out consistent information!




Hi Sam. I have just been invited to an assessment centre for a 2015 role and my assessment centre starts at 12.30, could you shed some light on why it isn’t the whole day and what exercises I should be prepared to face?


Hi, feel free to PM me if you need any help.

I have an offer with KPMG.


Hi Sam,
This is Amy. Thank you for your reply. I just remembered that the intake time is Spring 2016 and I thought it would be January…Sorry about that and thank you for your confirmation.


I would PM you but I can’t as you have posted anonymously


As per the above, you will have applied for a 2016 role, in which case you will complete: Analysis Exercise, Virtual Office, and Group Exercise. This takes half a day, hence the later start.

Hopefully that clarifies for you.




Hi Sam. Thanks very much for the reply. When I applied it was for a 2015 role that was advertised on 3rd or 4th September (assume someone dropped out). Does that mean I have been moved to a 2016 position or will I just have the same AC as 2016 positions?


Hi Amy. I have an assessment centre next week. Can you give me tips on what I should do to pass and also if you had to do any tests again. Thanks