KPMG Assessment Centre Partner Presentation


Can anybody give me some tips on the presentation to the partner on the KPMG assessment day? I am going to do a small company that i know quite well. And aslo what other questions to expect the partner to ask?


The partner’ll ask you questions about the suggestions you’ve made for the company you’ve chosen, essentially you’ll be required to justify them as best you can, and then he’ll maybe try and ask you questions which tie in with commercial awareness etc.

My partner was actually genuinely interested in the company I chose because it wasn’t a major retailer or anything they’ve heard about a million times before, so certainly choosing a small company that you know well is a good idea.

So really just do as much research as poss on your rec’s, otherwise if you don’t have any reasons as to why Company X should stop doing XYZ you’ll fall flat on your face.

But the partner’s are really nice - its said a lot I know but they really are very easy to talk to - even when I spilled another glass of water over my notes he laughed with me and saved me considerable embarassment!