KPMG Assessment Centre Help



Hi everyone, I have an Assessment Centre coming up on 15th July with KPMG and wanted some help with online practice.
I have to do an in-tray exercise on the day, where you have to prioritise different emails and voicemails etc and wandered if anyone had a log in for a practice site to try online? I’ve seen some sites that offer this service but I can’t really afford to sign up for this at the moment.
I have signed up for to practice the numerical and verbal tests and am willing to share this log in.
Can anyone help?
Many thanks in advance,


I recently attended an assessment centre with KPMG for consulting. I would like to mention that this time instead of 2 meetings one wih client and one with manager, there was a presentation task. It is a group task where each group member will be given background information of the imaginary firm which would be common for every member and one specific document which will be different for each member. Generally they ask you to discuss in a group about organising some event. The specific document contains one view point which that member has to persuade others to agree with. In the end, they have to finalise with one view point. and then have to present this to a manager as a group. I think it assesses how you put your point forward and how you persuade others along with understanding the view points of your peers within a team.


hey, thank you for your post. I am wondering when you did the exercise, did you have a structural approach for the discussion? (like take turns, clockwise… or just everyone talks as they like?)
and did they come in in the middle and chose a division for you?