Hey everyone!

So I had my assessment centre for KPMG graduate job around 2-3 weeks back and passed. wikijobs really helped me, so I owe it to them to perform my part.
You’ll find below an insight into what happened in the assessment centre. I have included tips and advise- more as a sort of a complete guide you will need before attending the assessment centre.

FIRST TASK: VERBAL TEST : Yes, we were retested on the verbal test. But nothing to worry about, it was 30 questions in 17 mins. You’ll be fine. I didn’t practice for this as I didn’t anticipate we will have it. However, if you have given your verbal test and passed it in the first stage, this should not be a problem.

SECOND TASK: WRITTEN REPORT: At this point, you’ll be given information about a fictional company and your task is to write a report about what the company is doing well, doing bad, challenges and recommendations. There are some pointers I can give you from this point of time:

  • The booklet has around 8-9 pages. Dont worry. Write the main headings in categories ( strengths, weaknesses, challenges and recommendations like the question will mention) in your rough notes- start skimming through the booklet and write points into the relevant sections. I took 25 mins to do this and 30 mins to actually type out the report.
  • All activities in the day will be based on this company so I recommend you keep your notes handy as you can refer to the notes throughout the day.
  • Identify cross selling opportunities: Services that AAA ( the fictional company you work for) can give to the client. This will be apparent when you identify their weaknesses and challenges. This is very important. I made note of cross selling opportunities and included it in my recommendations as well as the future tasks. I think it helped. don’t fret if you cant. Your main focus should be to structure the report properly, and have enough time for recommendations. Include some creative suggestions here if you can.

THIRD TASK:ETRAY: Etray is fairly less stressful and actually enjoyable. you will be informed beforehand how many emails, tasks, voicemails and videocalls you will receive.
My suggestion is to do email and task first, as they contain the 2 instances of timed tasked ( the ones you have to do before 45 mins). so do emails and tasks first.
When you do video calls/voice calls- make notes as you listen to them, because you can;t play it again and the question will require you to have listened carefully to what was said. You will also be provided with a booklet which will have all the info that is being presented to you on screen. But personally, I found it easier to just look at the screen and do it. I did not even look at the booklet once.


Your fourth task will be a client meeting with someone from the fictional client you have been working for. You will have to manage the time so keep an eye on that. Here, the client is very concerned that there was a breakdown of communication when they worked with AAA before. You will have to assure them that this won’t happen again. Acknowledge that it was a failing on both the sides and Suggest ways to assure them. It will be impressive if you could tell the manager in the next meeting how you assured the client so think of some innovative ways. This will be the main thrust of the meeting. Then the client will ask you what the concerns are for the energy sector- I spoke about regulation pressure, pressure on supply and higher prices and shareholder relationship, You could research briefly on this before the assessment centre. Also, very important, try selling other services of AAA during the meeting. The client will mention she has a change management or org effectiveness meeting- be quick and say something like " that’s interesting because AAA has a change management service line and we could definitely look at helping you out with that in the future if you want". Also, in the end, you could talk about the challenges and recommendations you spoke about in the report that the client is facing ( this is where that info comes handy) and suggest the AAA services that could help them

This is much more relaxed. The manager is managing the time. There will be one question which will give you an opportunity to show where you personally have delivered customer service- I gave an example from uni life. So prepare an example for this. Apart from this, the rest of the meeting will be based on what happened in the previous meeting and you will be fine. show that you are keen to learn- ask for support etc. as you are a new employee.

And yeah, that’s about it. :slight_smile: All the best everyone!


Hello bumblebee1298, congratulations on passing the AC! Have you had your final interview yet? What would you say is the best way to prepare for the AC? (aside from the obvious verbal reasoning and e tray practice)

Thanks and good luck.