KPMG Assessment centre for tax


Hi, I have just found out that i have passed the first interview for a tax graduate scheme at KPMG, and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice as to what to expect at the assessment centre. On this site it says that you will have to do e-tray exercieses at the assessment centre but the person who interveiwed me didnt mention that when he told me what happens at the assessment centre, does that mean that for tax you dont have to do them? As i have already completed online tests. Also for the presenation you have to prepare what kind of companys do you recommend?
Any help would be much appreciated thanks :slight_smile:


Which city you plan to go for as 9 KPMG offices have closed down now.

After London, Gatwick, St Albans, Bristol, Reading closed some time ago, yesterday 4 more KPMG offices Manchester, Ipswich, Milton Keynes and cambridge have closed down.


I have the first half of my KPMG Tax AC tomorrow - its definitely a group exercise and e-tray though this was confirmed to me by the person who confirmed my AC date.


nope its not at any of them and i pursume they still have vacancies to fill as they only emailed me today to say id got through to the ac


how long did it take for them to get back to you with a date for the AC after you got told u had passed the interview?


I think it might’ve been the next day they told me I was through to the AC, but it was another week or so before they gave me a date - and even then I’ve had to have my day split into between Glasgow and Edinburgh, presumably because there weren’t enough for an AC in Edinburgh - suits me nicely though!


well good luck! any feedback you have and what to expect after the day would be greatly appreciated as i have not been to one of these before


Thanks, yeah I’ll do my best depending on how well it went - if its a shambles I won’t be reliving it.


joyrevision, good luck

btw, did kpmg’s email told u they might retest the numerical and verbal test during the AC??

pls tell us how your AC goes, thx


in reply to the last post are you asking that as a question or because you have been told this?


Nah they didn’t say that, mercifully. I don’t think they do either.


hey, newbie here though ive been lurking for a while

joyrevision, if you dont mind me asking, did u apply for company tax or people services?

like a few people on here, i had to change my initial application after audit was declared full, now ive ended up with an assessment day in tax and i dont know much about the area at all, so if anyone has any input id be very grateful.


i’ve been told from their email which inviting me to the assessment centre

email says: we randomly select a number of candidates to sit a paper version of the online tests, so please ensure that you are fully prepared to take the tests if required to do so

u guys not even been told???


no~but dont worry about that, even if you are selected.
BTW, so many offices closed?! for audit or for all business lines?
damn, luckily i chose birmingham…