KPMG Assessment centre cancelled


I just got an email that my assessment day for the advisory service line has been cancelled. Obviously I am very disappointed and very annoyed since I have already started my preperation. Has this happened to anyone else?


That’s awful! What was the reason? Has it been postponed, or are there simply no jobs left?


omg - when was your ac? i know someone else whos ac was cancelled for kpmg and he was applying for audit within birmingham… i have min eon the 7th jan do you think mine is cancelled for audit in bham too? surely when they let my friend know that it was cancelled they would have let me know too right? i have started preparing too i am quite scared now :S


Mine was for restructuring advisory, you should be OK in audit. The email said they’d reviewed their requirements for advisory and decided they’d already made sufficient offers. They said I could skip straight to AC next year but hoping I’ll have something else lined up. AC was for January too.


Oh no I am really sorry to hear that ! All the best !


I had an assessment day for restructuring services in Birmingham on the 16th December and within an hour of leaving their office I had recieved an email to tell me that all the positions were now taken and that I would be put forward for the 2010 intake. I was pretty annoyed too having spent a couple of days preparing for it!

Good luck with future job hunting! :slight_smile: