KPMG Assessment Centre 8th September


Anyone attending the Assesment Centre on the 8th september. i am applying as a tax graduate

Can anyone share there recent assessment centre



hey i’m attending that assesment centre too…is urs split assesment centre?


Hi guys, just wondering how long ago you booked your assessment centres? I’m set to have one soon but they said they are going to get back to me with some dates.


hey i was told on like the 6th of aug that id been fast tracked to a final assesment day…I only got a call yesterday with the dates!


My name is Nabila… I am attending on the 8th of september. Its not a Split AC. I also got fast tracked. did you apply for 2010 or 2011. What service you applied for. I applied for Tax. They told me on the 18th of august… are you both applying for London…


Okay thanks. I was told today about being fast tracked, so I guess I’ll be on a later assessment day.


what are u applying for… TAx audit?


Nope - Risk and Compliance Technology


hey im applyin for tax 2010…r u applyin4 2010 intake nabila?


yup/// but if i did get the offer i will differ it to 2011… im in tax as well. loll… competition hhahah… howz ur presentation coming along… whats ur name… i will be seeing u at the ac… u at london office right


how comes u wud defer it? If you are going to definatly going to defer it youshould tell them because u may have a bigger chance of getting it then as ther will be more vaccancies for next year??
lol its taking me AGES to decide wot company to choose! hows ur s coming along?
preya…wot uni did u go 3? yes london office :slight_smile:


also im on the 9th now not the :s!
jus got a phone call! r u still ont he 8th?


No phonecalls here yet…
I am still on the 8th i gues… why they changin AC dates…
I might talk to the grad recruitor abt my defer… ill get to them tomorow… mayb thts the reason i got fast track… bc the programme is probabli startin by the end of sep… soo they wanna close it quick. or something…I am realli nervous abt the partner presntation… i think i am gonna freak out… lol… forget wht i hav to so… lol… i did start on it… but i am sooo busy… i need to give a project in to finish my BSC… so i hardli get the time. I am doing it from oxford brokes university. its in combination with ACCA. … I hope we both get it in…


where did my reply go… lol…
I think i have to write it again…

ok… :frowning:

I still havent received any calls yet… why they changing AC dates???

I might talk abt my defer tomorow… with a grad recruitor

I did start on my presentation… but i m not geting enuf time bc i need to submit a project to finish off my BSc hons… I am doing it from Oxford brookes. its in combination with ACCA

I am scared abt the partner presentation… i have a feeling i am going to freeze lol… n forget what i have to say…

I hope we both get in…

Are u good on commercial awareness side…

did you apply to any other firms…

R u a student in the UK. ??


Judging by the email I got, they probably have a lot of candidates to organise ACs for and are reshuffling people where possible over a number of AC dates.


yeah very true


Just wondering - have you been sent a brief of what you’re required to prepare for the AC/ partner interview?

I haven’t been sent anything yet because my date isn’t confirmed but I’m quite keen to prepare. I understand it would be some presentation on a business but please would someone message me with the full thing if that’s okay?



kk will do it in a min


got it?


hey ravness ye we have been sent the brief…its the same as on the wikijob - kpmg app process… the general page which runs through everything…n gives info on the presentation

im confused nabila… so ur going 2 complete ur acca this year?? i jus graduated …Warwick - economics degree…n yep im from the uk wot bt u

well in terms of commercial awarness…doing econ I had to have some sort of level of commercial awareness… and i read business pages from bbc news everyday…in terms of the ft…sometimes! wo bt u