KPMG assessment centre 8th august 2010


hey… anyone attending an assessment centre at kpmg on the 8th of august…

can anyone tell me about their recent experiences at kpmg… any one attended an assesment centre…

i am applyin for graduate tax,…




which date is your ac?cuz i guess you’ve made a mistake when mention it above


yup u rite… its 8th september… lol… u booked for 8 sep


I applied for audit, i’ve been invited for an ac but still waiting for them to tell me when its gonna be the next one…you booked it today?


Hi guys,

any help wth following questions would be very much appreciated:

‘How important is taxation policy in the recovery of the UK economy and what tax policies do you think could be introduced to aid the recovery?’



hey guys
congrats to those who made it to AC!! wot was ur percentile like for the online test??i found the numerical one to be a lot harder than the verbal one…but to my surprise i got higher percentile in numerical rather than the verbal one…but i failed tho…how did u guys prepare for the online test??Also do u know when i can reapply for grad position in audit again??do i have to wait for 6 months or wot?


hey jean_mod yes i bookd in today!! they r quite busy… they took a day to reply… u will probabli get it by 2mrw

hey saf! i think base it aroung easier tax policies on SMEs… they are the drivers of the economy. to increase funds available to expand and thus increase sales and all

hey sudhi,4uk, sad to hear that u didnt go through… i didnt go through deloittes online test… maths passed but failed verbal… n i had the exact same feeling… i thought i did well in english… uhh well…i dint get the percentile marking and all… n i am afraid for kpmg i think u hav to wait for 12 months… its onli if u reach the ac tht you can apply in 6 months. … pwc are gud at tht… u can at pwc in 6months…


hey thanks for the reply.i have a pwc online test coming up…nee dsome suggestions as to how many questions and what type of questions to prepare for!!


percentage, fractions, interpretting graphs, currency,
pratice shl, psl, efinancials, assessmentday
i think its harder to get through verbal. reason being tht students usualli do good in verbal. For me english is my secnd language so i think I might fall low on verbal.
if u get stuck move on… dnt waste too much time. best of luck


is there any neg. mark for wrong questions??also iam surprised that they have asked me to take a numerical test and a logical reasoning test which iam not sure what it is…
@nabilamisha did u do the test…how would you rate the test in terms of difficulty level?


I gues there is bc it is always mentioned that do it quickly but accurately… so i avoid guessin… move on and come back to it if you can… logical is like you need to see links b/w diagrams sort of thing… shl has a example questions…
n then do a fulll length test.
I think logical reasoning is inductive reasonin. although double check with pwc… call the and ask them…

I did a pwc test but onli had to complete a questionaire which I failed. :frowning:
Dont worry too much… just practice the teest… n remembr… quickly but accurately…


Hi all, i’ve just been made an offer at KPMG and it’s just great to get it since KPMG is sure the one that i want to work for. I can’t thank enough how wikijob helps me in my preparation and i think i should share my experiences. then, here you go:

I had a split AC on last Wed and Fri.
On wed,
i did in-tray exercises and group exercise.
The in-tray ex consisted of 2 parts. multiple choices answers for 1st part. It’s abt making decision based on 4 companies’ projects and 1 email about charity/community work. It does contain of basic calculations for like 3 or 4 emails, simple ones really, just need to refer to the attachments and the reference folders on screen. I did finish all of them. Just keep calm and if you can’t find the exact answer, do guess since some emails need your answer for previous ones to come.
The second part is about writing 2 long emails, 1 for client detailing a brief analysis of recommendations to client and the other one for suggestion abt which line of services of your firm should be advertised based on the info. on the booklet.
I spent 35mins on the 1st one and 15mins on second one. I started by writing the head and bottom bits first, i basically just followed the advices on wikijob. ^^

We went out for lunch after this. The 2 graduates took us out for lunch from tax dept. They are friendly and happy to share but i applied for audit so they couldn’t answer much abt audit.

so abt 2h30 it was time for group ex.
There were only 3 ppl. in my group, so we all got plenty to talk. You’ll be given 10mins to read a case study abt one company that is mentioned in the int-tray ex.I had time to skim through everything.Again, like everybody said here, be nice and polite to others. Our group finished 5mins b4 time so i suggested to do a quick review on who say what. The group presentation, in my opinion, wasnt assessed, so be relax and talk in confidence. ^^

On Fri, I had partner interview and presentation.
I did mine on a drink company, I got 10mins to deliver my presentation but managed to jam it in 5mins, lol. guess i was so nervous and b4 i started, the partner said he’s very strict on time. I did an overview abt the company, followed by strengths and weaknesses(w/o Threats or Opportunities) and 3 recommendations on company’s growth/expansion strategies.
I threw in finally how the company can be a potential client for KPMG and all that was for 5 mins. =))
I then got questions abt why chose that company? which one initiative will i focus on the most and why? and on one recommendation i made.

The rest was similar to competencies interview
business focus: business story that interests me recently? problems facing KPMG and accounting firms?
Building relationship: how do i build relationships, time i solve conflicts within a team?
Motivation: why kpmg? why accountancy?do i apply for any other firms?

Some parts of the interview were just like informal conversation, so it was pretty relaxing, just be confident and knowing what you re talking abt.

KPMG is real quick in response, my partner interview was last fri Aug20th and on today i got a call from them offering me the job ^^ so good luck to you all.
That’s all i remember! if you have any more Questions, shoot!
(btw, i got 46percentile for verbal and 64percentile for numerical online tests ^^)


congrats phvaavhp!!! u have done it mate!!! I do really appreciate the effort you put above…btw can u let me know how u prepared for the online tests as i failed in it…and also wot degree do u have??bachelors or masters and is it a math based degree??..i did an finance degree which is pretty math based and i also did both pwc and kpmg tests which i failed. The KPMG one was a lot more harder(Iam not a native english speaker so found the verbal reasoning a bit tough) but the pwc test, i found it quite easy and was surprised when i got rejected!!!
good luck for ur future


Hi, have a quick question on what a graduate does in the first year of the tax programme? This is for the KPMG tax application question


Hey Sudhi, thanks for your wishes.
I did BA Finance, Accounting and management in my undergrad and currently doing my master(thesis writing stage) in Economics, both from UofNottingham. I specialised 3 years in Maths back there in high school, though.
It was the second time i applied for KPMG, btw. 1st attempt i failed at 1st round interview.
I did a few examples abt online tests on wikijob, for online tests, my tips are the same as anyone on here, work as accurately as you can. I read that some only managed to do 9 but still passed. However, as you got 20mins for 24qs, so roughly 1.2mins for one, do move on when you spent more than 2mins on 1 questions. I only managed to do abt 15 but for the last min, i skimmed through and ticked all of them :)) so it was a bit luck that got me through. Ah, make yourself familiar with exchange rates and small maths problems abt currency, they’re always there.
I’m Asian and just been here for 3yrs so can’t say i’m good at verbal but i guess reading textbooks and having some experiences in preparing for IELTS help.
and finally, i so agree KPMG test are a lot more harder than others. I passed ones of Deloitte and reckon they’re easier.
Good luck to you!!!


hey phaavp, congratz 4 gettin the offer…and thanks for ur advice… ive been fast trakd to 8th sept assesment centre… I was wondering how long u spent researching and producing ur presentation? also what would u say it the best way of approaching the e-tray excercise…in terms of should i be replyin 2 senior authority first? Is there a paper booklet aswel as online information?


hi pre100, thank you.

i had 2 weeks to AC after first round interview, so i spent like a week deciding which company to do presentation on (i know, kinda slow, i was way too indecisive). But when I decided, it took 2 days to research, make notes( i did not do powerpoint slides, i put it down in word doc.) and practice. So i would say 6 hours worth of research, 2 hrs of making slides and about 5,6 times practicing on it.

There are both paper-based and computer-based information. However, there is information that is only available on screen, but the emails will tell you where to look.

My approach to e-tray exercises was that i tend to answer emails come from the same projects 1st so it saved me time from looking for information. I did not pay much attention to seniority, only when one email a colleague offers help that i took a look at the hierarchy of the organisation and figured out he’s my upper-level manager so i refused the help.
hope you find it useful,


Thank you…so did u give the partner a printed out sheet…of the notes u typed up? also u know u sed u did a drinks company…did u analyse ans research the competitiors?


also phvaavhp…did u say that ud applied to other firms? like i dno wot 2 say when they ask hav eu applied to others? and when asked abt kpmg as opposed 2 the others…can i talk more abt the difference in their tax programmes or shud i talk abt the firm as a whol?


yes, it was a printed-out sheet of notes that i gave to the partner. luckily, the drinks company has 77.5% market share in the UK so not much to talk abt competition.
I did say i applied to the other big4. and gotta answer what stage I am with 'em. that posed him to question me why KPMG? in my opinion, you should talk about firm as a whole 1st, u might get as why tax anyway.