KPMG Assessment Centre 2017



The KPMG assessment centre is often described (somewhat mysteriously) as ‘immersive’. I suspect it’s quite hard too. I thought it’d be good to make this topic to gather together the most up-to-date info and experiences on the assessment centre. Please share in the comments!

The first place I like to start are with a company’s core values, as these will most likely be what the assessments are designed to measure. According to their website, these are:

• Lead by example
• Work together
• Respect the individual
• Seek the facts and provide insight
• Open and honest in communication
• Committed to communities
• Act with integrity

Now, the assessment centre itself. From what I’ve found, the ‘immersive’ description refers to the fact that they like to use role plays and scenarios to test their candidates. These include two simulated meetings – one with a ‘client’ the other with ‘co-workers’ – an analytical case study exercise, and a virtual office exercise.

The virtual office is about digesting and responding to emails, absorbing information quickly and prioritising jobs to be done. It’s largely a test of memory too, with names, outlines, project plans, timescales and so on flying in.

For the meetings, KPMG’s core values will really come into play. You should try to make sure you exhibit them, by acting with integrity, consideration and respect, while also showing leadership, teamwork and strong technical abilities.

And for the case study, you will have around an hour to compile information you’re given into a report that considers the current state of the case study client and what could be done to improve them in the future. This sometimes seem to be in the form of a group exercise too, with a solo presentation afterwards.