KPMG Assessment Centre 15th September 2010 - Anyone had feedback???


attended the KPMG Asessment centre in Bristol on Wednesday 15th September and still havn’t heard back.
I was wondering if anyone else has heard back?

How long does it normally take for KPMG to contact you after an Assessment Centre?

I will be grateful for any news that anyone may have.

Many thanks.



ide1234 how was ur AC i have mine on the 12th Oct please let me the procedure

mnay thanks !!


Hi ide1234,

Sorry for the delay in repsonse. If you still have not heard back from Graduate Recruitment, then please either drop them an email on or call the freephone number on 0500 664 665. We usually aim to get back to candidates within 3 days after the Assessment Centre, however there are sometimes slight delays.

Best wishes,


Hey Ide - have you had feedback yet? I attended in Manchester on the 14th and am yet to hear anything - have tried getting an update via phone and email late last week and yesterday, only to be advised that they’re still waiting on some scores to come in.