KPMG Assessement


I have assessement with KPMG next week and wanted to know your experiences ASAP to help me prepare.

I am going as IT Advisory in their public sector practice.
Thanks in advance.

Structure of the Assessment Centre

The day will consist of four exercises: a group exercise, presentation, technical interview and a values Interview (based on the results of the personality profile - PAPI). All information required to prepare is included in this email. The aforementioned exercises will assess the core skills and behaviours required for the role and the exercises are designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate these skills and behaviours.

Skills and behaviours assessed include:

Business Focus
Problem Solving
Building Relationships
Making an Impact
Drive and Resilience
Technical Skills
Career Motivation
Developing People (Manager grades and above)


You’ll be asked competency based questions such as “give me an example of a time when you had to work in a group to solve a problem.” You need to have at least 2 examples for each of the competencies that you listed.

For the group exercise and presentation, have you see the wiki?


hi how did it go in the end?