KPMG application question

Finance and Accounting


I am an Exam qualified Accountant with the ACCA, i. e ACCA Affillate, which i obtained in August 2014. However i do not have any work experiance, since January 2015 i am doing an internship in a finance and accounting position to try and gain experiance.

I had applied for a graduate scheme to two of the big four accounting firms, but i could not even get past the application stage. I am wondering if this is because i an already a Qualifed Accountnat? Since they do not give feed back at this stage i am unable to establish why i am being turned away? Has anyone been in the same situation or can you advice me on what route to take to get in to these firms?


Unfortunately I would not be able to speak for other companies as I haven’t worked there, however, at KPMG, we would ask you about the exams you’ve passed and levels of certification you’ve received, so we would ask accordingly about everything before making a decision.




Thank you Sam for your Comment.

I have sat and passed all 14 of the ACCA exams, however I only have six month worth of experience in the field. Do you think I should apply for a Graduate scheme at KPMG, even though I have a certification (i.e ACCA Affiliate certification) or do you think I should go for experienced hire position at KPMG?


Sorry about the delayed reply - I have been on holiday until today.

Our Experienced Hire team would require more than 6 months experience to find a suitable role for you, so I would recommend the graduate programme, yes.