KPMG Application Online



I have just gone through the KPMG online test…
The issue is during my verbal reasoning test internet connection got cut.

I was in my university study room so to make sure it’s quiet and the internet is running with strong signal.
But it had to happen, I guess, after 15 minutes or so, my computer got cut and I immediately tried using a university computer in front of me(thinking that my pc is malfunctioning) but it gave me an error message saying the whole server is down.

It came back u after 3 minutes which gave me a minute to continue.
I answered only 21 or 2 I think, and feeling so terrible and distraught.

I emailed the tech team from KPMG about this but I don’t know what will happen.

Will they still not take this into consideration? I don’t know what I could have done to prevent this, the network in my university is usually fine and this has to happen exactly when I am taking the test…

And I can’t just shrug it off with “bad luck”

Does anyone know? Or had a similar experience?


Hi if you got all 21 right you could have even passed it. Cubiks tests are designed so only 1% or less of the total population can get all of them right.