KPMG: After the assessment day


Hi, I had my assessment day for KPMG Audit London 2 days ago. Today I received an email saying they needed a few more days to maka a decision. I suppose it couldve been worse news, but I can’t help but feel bad about it.

Anybody else had this experience and actually got the job?

I know I’m getting worried and perhaps I shouldn’t but I am. As far as I can guess my application is not a clear cut pass or fail so far, hence the wait,


I haven’t experienced this before but I wouldn’t worry too much. The most likely explanation is that someone one of the people making the decision (as they discuss them as a group) is off sick or were unable to meet up for some reason. At least they told you! Most companies wouldn’t bother with that.


ucayman is most likley correct. They’re probably still waiting on the parttner who interviewed you and look at your whole performance before making a final decision. Best of luck !


Hi, I wouldnt worry too much, a friend of mine had to wait 2 weeks longer than originally expected to hear from a top investment bank and she then got on offer.

Out of interest what intake year have you applied too? I’ve applied for audit 2010 and have first round interview next week. Any advice on what questions I might be asked (that arent mentioned in the other thread on here)? They invited me to a practise interview but I cant make it and am now worried that I might be at a disadvantage if other candidates go to the practise interview.


Out of interest when did you apply/do the online tests sj2886?


I sent my application on 24th July, and did tests about 2 weeks ago. They only offered me interview dates for next week so i’m guessing they’ve been completely booked up with interviews these last few weeks.


the09 - have u applied to them?


Yeah, applied a few days ago.


qwerty, i agree with everyone. you do not have to worry. You have probably been successful.

I have my assessment day next week. any advice would be appreciated.

sj, for the first round interview, u just have to make sure u go through their competencies and have at least two examples for each of them. dont forget your commercial awareness. All the best


abalen, is it for 2009 start or 2010?


abalen - was there any particular question that threw you or all ok with the right preperation?


its for 2009

no sj. its structured so once u have examples of the competencies, that should be it. i dont think the practice interview makes a difference. and u might want to pray as well


Hi all.

Unfortunately I today received news that I was rejected by KPMG. Im disappointed, but not all surprised. I failed in the area I thought I had. For those asking it was Audit 2010 London. I failed (2/5) on “Career Motivation”. An assessment only judged in the partner interview.

I cant apply for PWC until December now, Deloitte for a year (both PWC and Deloitte turned me down recently for 2009 at the online application stage!!). So I will apply for PWC when I can, and E&Y as soon as the 2010 intake opens. For now I’ll be applying to a 2009 intake finance based masters (MSc).

Anyway on to the AC. I received feedback, so I’ll try and post some stuff up some people might find handy.

sj, for the first interview, just relax. Prepare 2 (maybe a 3rd for teamwork) examples for each competency, stay calm, confident, and be prepared. Its not too bad. I advise you make general chat before and after the interview, just for the “Making an Impact” competency.

As for the AC, I have some advise I havent seen given. Online you read about how the partner interview is the nicest part of the day, very relaxed, general chat. Whilst this is true, do not neglect it. I did. I read over and over how easy and relaxed it was, I did not prepare at all for it. I spent all my time preapring to give a good presentation, which in the end turned out unnecessary, I simply read it off my sheets!

My only guess is each partner interview will vary. I was asked competency based questions, and he took notes as I was speaking. I obviously still remembered my answers from my first interview, but not in depth enough. My answers were vague when asked questions such as “Why Audit?” What 3 qualities do you believe to be the most important for Audit?" Why KPMG over the other big 4?". Now this may be because my heart truly is NOT in Auditing. Its not a career I want to follow, and I was only using it as a route to get into the company and planned on moving across swiftly after my three years. So who knows, maybe doing a masters will benefit me, and I’ll be able to apply next year for the position I actually want!

Anyway, any I’ll be happy to answer any questions, but bare with me on time of responses.

Thanks to wikijob for all its help!



I have my AC day coming up, and just wondering can anyone give me any tips advice; in particular regarding the lunch with a partner?Do you need to prepare many competency like answers?

Thanks in advance!