KPMG - Advisory - Transactions and Restructuring - First Round Interview.


Hi Everyone,

I have recently progressed through the first round interview with KPMG and I feel that it is only fair that I share my experiences with others as this website has been invaluable to me in preparing for my first ever telephone interview.

The first round interview is scheduled to last ~45 mins. My interview, however, only lasted around 25 mins - I guess it’s more about the quality than quantity, particularly when ‘Makes an impact’ is being assessed. I was never asked any follow up questions so I don’t know whether I covered the basics first time or that the interviewer I had just doesn’t question further. As my interview was conducted by a member of the HR team based in London (not the office I’m applying to) I never asked many questions at the end of the interview other than formalities regarding the time frame to receive feedback and other general questions regarding the assessment centre.

I was advised by the interviewer that I should know the outcome of the interview within 2-3 days. After 3 days and no news I contacted a member of the recruitment team who informed me that my notes had not yet been uploaded to the system and that I could expect to hear later that afternoon. No correspondence materialised that afternoon and it was a further 10 days before I received an email regarding booking a slot for the AC.

I would recommend that anyone preparing for the telephone interview compiles a list of possible questions based on what others have shared in other posts as this is what I done and felt I was comfortably prepared. I have a full list of all the questions I prepared that I would be willing to share with anyone who way want it.

In my interview I was assessed on the following:

  • Delivers quality
  • Awareness of and seizes business opportunities
  • Resilience
  • Career motivation
  • Makes an impact

The questions I was asked were based on the following:

  • A piece of work that you are proud (Delivers Quality)
  • A time that you worked to a tight deadline (Resilience)
  • A company that is performing badly and 4 reasons why (Awareness of and seizes business opportunities)
  • Why T&R (Career motivation)
  • What do you hope to get from your work in T&R (Career motivation)
  • What will you find difficult about T&R (Career motivation)
  • How did you research the role / KPMG (Career motivation)

As you can see the bulk of the interview was based around career motivation so make sure you know exactly what you will be doing and why you want to do it. I reckon my strong commercial awareness and career motivation answers rescued me from my earlier, weaker answers.

I hope this helps those who are preparing for their telephone interview and feel free to ask any questions.


This is a great post. Thank you so much for sharing!


Hi Ryan,

I know we’ve spoken previously before, but I’d like to apologise for the wait you experienced between your telephone interview and receiving the outcome, in addition to the fact that you chased us for it. We will ensure this is looked into to help prevent it from happening to candidates in the future.

Despite it being a negative experience for you, I would like to thank you for the feedback, as it will help us improve and ensure we deliver a more consistent experience to candidates as well as ensuring we deliver responses within the stated time frames.

Sorry once again. I’m glad your assessment centre is booked in and if you want to discuss anything surrounding it before the day then please feel free to get in touch. I may even get to meet you that day as I’m involved in that assessment centre myself.

Kind Regards,



Thanks for sharing your experience. How did your next round go?

I’ve heard there’s a round for case study. I am wondering what is the case about? Is it focusing on Financial due diligence or a typical business case study.

Thank you in advance.


Hey! Could you please share the case study that you were given?
I have an interview with deal advisory KPMG coming up!


Hi Thomson91.

Thanks for your post.

Could you please email me the full list of questions you have? I have my telephone interview coming up in a few days!


Below is a link to my rough interview notes. I have removed any of the specific personal examples that I had prepared and a lot of the information may now be outdated but it should still provide some guidance.

I would typically have these open in front of me in Word during the interview with the view set to ‘Read mode’ making them a lot easier to navigate. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your posting Thomson 91!

I’d like to know where can I find the systematic interview questions as you posted here please?

Also, what is your major? I’,not confident in answering technical questions. Many thanks!


Hi, Likewise, could you please share?


Anyone else having to wait AGES for their telephone interview?
I think it’s been 7 weeks for me.


Hi can you please make the link available please?