KPMG advisory question



Every time I go to their website, I always see this announcement:
“We have not yet started taking applications for Graduate programmes in Risk & Compliance and Transactions & Restructuring to start in Autumn 2010.”

I am really interested in applying for this, any ideas what’s going on and when they open up?



No idea. Performance and Technology has opened though. First assessment centres should be in January.


Such a shame!!! I’ve been waiting forever now…do you think I should try to mail them and ask for info?
Perhaps they have not updated their website yet :))


hey guys,

I have meanwhile changed my mind…and decided to apply for Risk & Compliance - Economics…
any ideas how many vacancies are available for 2010 and what’s the competition like?

is it too late to apply?



They started accepting apps for Transaction Services today…



thanks for your reply…any idea about R & C economics ? :))


anyone had any luck with any of the advisory business areas?