KPMG Advisory First Interview. Help Please



Hi All,

I have my telephone interview lined up with KPMG for Technology Consultant - Advisory. I am preparing hard for my interview. I am reading news, going through KPMG website, KPMG Annual report, WikiJob forums. However I could not quite find questions related to the following competencies.

  • Delivers quality
  • Awareness of and seizes business opportunities
  • Resilience
  • Career motivation
  • Makes an impact

I found few questions about Resilience, Career Motivation but not for all of them. I would be grateful if someone could give me few example questions to prepare in each of the above area. Some one who have had telephone interview with KPMG for technology advisory would be very helpful.

I appreciate in advance.


Hi, I am about to give telephone interview next week. Same kind of competencies I was required to prepare. I wish someone who has given the interview can give us some example questions. By the way, what kind of questions have you got for resiliece and career motivation if you don’t mind to share?


Hi Beatrice,

I am really sorry for late reply. Hope I am not too late

I guess you already have these questions. I found them on WikiJob only. For Resilience i got following questions -

  • give me an example when you had to work under pressure.
  • give me an example when you had disagreement with your colleague.
  • give me an example when you have overcome a problem at your workplace.

Hope this will help you.
Let me know how your interview goes.



Due to some important work I postponed the interview. So I will get to know what happens after the interview. But thanks for your reply.

Good luck with your interview!


Hi Beatrice,

Please update when your interview is done. I will be grateful.


Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. I am applying for the Marketing Graduate Scheme September 2015.

I passed my Assessment Centre last week and am just waiting on a date for a final interview with a Senior Partner. Can anyone offer any advice on this stage of the process? I have found that there is much more information on every other stage of the process. Anything would be a great help and I am more than happy to offer advice on any of the other stages of the process if you PM me.

Many thanks,