KPMG 2021 Graduate Programme

I did my tests on the 3rd of August. Haven’t received anything on GCSEs etc but i am a UK citizen.

hi, can I ask what’s the online test is? still the same as last year? I mean numerical, verbal?

They changed it up. Gives you three small business and situational / numerical questions to answer about them. Some are about what you would do and others are straight up numerical. Study up on the competencies KPMG looks for and you should find it okay.

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what kind of small business? I thought it will be the same as last year, so I didn’t prepare of that, looking forward to your reply.

You cant prep for it, just do it

Three startups with their own individual problems. Don’t overthink it, just know the strengths and go for it.

thank you!

thank you

May I ask what’s your feedback? thank you.

Strengths: Leverage Technology and Resilient Performer
Less developed: Drive Quality and Show Curiosity
You are welcome!

Hey all,

Enjoyed helping people in the past so feel free to message for any help. I can give tips on the ac process as best I can from what I remember. WhatsApp is below


Hi everyone. I finished the online test and the feedback I got was, top scoring in ‘leverage technology’ and ‘resilience performer’, but lower scoring in ‘demonstrate integrity’ and ‘drive quality’. I think the lower scoring ones are more important though…

KPMG is sleeping on us Zzz


I just completed the test as today (I applied to the London Actuarial Consulting for Autumn 2020) . The maths questions about percentage change I am certain I all got correct. The ranking of the 5 options test, I just answered based on what I think the company values the most and my personal desire to get work done. My strengths were:

Resilent Performer
Show Curiosity


Demonstrate Integrity
Drive Quality

So, I got exactly the same result as you for weakness. Therefore, I don’t think you should worry too much. In my opinion, the test is double edged, if you show integrity, you have to put less priority on getting tasks complete and so your weakness would be you are “not resilient”

Of course, this is my personal opinion but I hope you find it helpful. You are welcome to reply and we can discuss. Best of luck to you for application. :slight_smile:

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Hi Wendy,

I just did the KPMG test today and was wondering (if you can remember clearly…) for the ranking of 5 options test, did you generally rank the options where you were really motivated and enthusiastic to get the work done higher and the options where you had to consult your colleagues lower? Also, the drag question where you would rather get work done or adhere to the regulations, I assume also you chose to get work done (based on your integrity feedback). That question was the only one which directly tests integrity and I genuinely think getting the work done is very important and shouldn’t been penalised for that.

Would be grateful if you could recall your memory and get back to me on this.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi there, I ranked the options higher where I am motivated and feeling excited about new work and experiment with new techniques and ideas, and taking actions. For the drag question, I think I dragged slightly towards ’getting work done’ cuz following rules and regulations are very important, not too extreme. Sorry I can’t remember much.

Hi Wendy,
Thanks very much for your quick reply. That is what I did in general as well and I think that in general, motivated, hard-working and a strong desire to get the work done on time are very important qualities.

As I said in the first reply I gave to “aplicationzzz” above, I think the tests are designed to go round in a loop circle. By this I mean, if you adhere to the regulation and always consult your colleagues, that would be your great strength but ,at the same time, you would not be “a resilient performer” because you are not proactive enough. Therefore, there are “no perfect answers” whereby the test cannot identify any weaknesses. Hence, I went with my gut feeling of hard work.

I believe that as long as the maths questions were correctly done and I thought that they were not that hard, the vast majority of answers to the dragging questions are all fine. (Assuming of course you did not rank the highest option to be the ones where you simply “wait and do nothing” ), we should all be fine.

My apologies for the long message but I would appreciate the yours or anyone else’s opinion who would more than welcome and strongly encouraged to reply and discuss this question.

Many thanks and best of luck to you all for applications.

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Glad I can be of help. I heard the maths questions are relatively easier than last year’s. (I didn’t apply last year). I think the drag and ranking questions are essentially asking similar attributes but putting us in different scenarios and rephrasing the questions. It tests the consistency if we can follow our true motivations and work style, not lying or pretending to give the answers they want. Good luck to your applications, too!

Have anyone received any result yet?
I have finished the online test in 22 Aug and nothing seems to coming next to me.
Have a good day.

Anyone know when will 2020 Spring intake application open? Thanks!!