KPMG 2021 Graduate Programme

Hi there, any chance you could pm me about this? Would love to know more!

Hi all! I have applied for the 2021 KPMG Law graduate programme and completed the transforming small business online assessment just now. But I received an email just few minutes later which told me that I didn’t meet the minimum benchmark to process to next stage, and I also received the strengths report. Is there anyone to tell me why the result is so quick…What’s the minimum benchmark in the phase…I feel so confused for that circumstance. Thanks!

@Testhelp1 could you please provide some more info on the LP! Would really help to get some insight, feeling rather nervous

Thank you for bringing this up for discussion. As you can see, you are not alone)) I will only pass this test and am very worried.

I am sorry to hear that. But you should defs keep applying around. I am shocked they got back to you so quickly, it must have been machine automated to filter based on results. I just completed mine as well, but it said they would review my application and get back to me soon. Wishing you all the best of luck my fellow pros.

I hope that I can get everything done, but I still want to prepare well. Perhaps you can suggest any resources that have helped you? I decided to look for some additional material, click to see it too, there are small essay examples on different topics. I read it sometimes when it seems to me that I have learned little)) I must say that it helps, it’s like endless learning)