KPMG 2021 Graduate Programme

Hello, anybody has applied the graduate programme of KPMG?
The online test is completely changed this year and when I was finishing the test, I felt so confused.
Creating this topic here just want to have a talk…if anyone could have some suggestions for it.


Yep completed the test. Haven’t received any result yet but i think i failed

Feedback was strengths being fostering innovation and leveraging technology.
Weaknesses being drive quality and demonstrating integrity.
Which seem like pretty bad weaknesses when applying to audit lol.

I haven’t received any result neither.
My feedback shows my strengths being drive quality and critical thinker.
Weaknesses being demonstrate integrity and show curiosity…
I am just wondering how much will my weaknesses affect the application result.
But let’s be upbeat haha, the email said the outcome would be emailed in 6 weeks…such a long time to wait.

And anyone else here has completed the test?
If so, could you please share the result of the report here?
It would a good way for us to take a reference.:slight_smile:

I wish we could find out how we did on the maths part like EY’s report. Thought that KPMG was one of the easier ones out of the big 4

Exactly, the math part of KPMG is really easy this year.

Hi Viclin, i just found out the release of 2020 programme. Could you tell me is there any open questions that have to be answered before the test part? Thanks!

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No, just need to provide your basic information, it is simple :slight_smile:

I much preferred last years process - straight to the ac within a week.

Does the online test depend on what service line you apply for or was it the same for everyone? I applied for Deal Advisory and got Leverage technology and Demonstrate Integrity as my strengths and Resilient performer and Drive quality as my weaknesses which I think are quite important for the service line I applied for so I’m not hopeful

Has anybody had a response yet after the first round of tests?

I think it’s all the same, cause you can find the tips about what kind of personality KPMG wants in its website and it doesn’t limit to any service line.

Not yet…I hope it could be a little bit slowly, because I won’t be in UK until September.haha

Hi guys,

Recently completed the online Small Business test. I applied for Data and Technology Consulting and got Leverage Technology and Show Curiosity as my top strengths with Drive quality and Critical Thinking as my “Less Developed” Strengths.
Does the phrasing as “Less Developed” mean anything besides the boilerplate stuff written in the report? And how long are we trapped in purgatory for?

Hey I applied to the same division. Got traits of Leverage Technology and Curiosity, while less developed integrity and resilience. Not sure what to make of it. Got an email saying that outcome should be out in max 6 weeks… :thinking:

Hi guys,

I’m going to take the online test today. Any advice?

wt include in online test this year?math and verbal?

Has anybody received an update? very slow

I completed online test on 8th Aug., and received an email asking for info about GCSE, professional qualifications and visa status on 17th Aug. No further email after I replied.

Yes same here