KPMG 2020 Graduate Programme


I got an offer for London Audit and it says CA on my offer letter so they’ve just mixed up the qualifications, just send them an email and wait for the response but still accept the offer, that’s what they said to do on the phone.


I am on the same boat with you. I am applying for Scotland area and should be doing CA qualification. But the offer letter says ACA qualification. I also called them and dropped them an email.


So i got an email today, 6 weeks after i did my VI that i passed but other candidates are ahead on me on queue to LP. I applied immediately once applications opened in August. Is anyone else in such a situation? I applied for deals london empowered


I just received the same email.
I applied for financial modelling London office and completed my VI on 23rd Sep.
What service line did you apply for :smiley: ?


hello, i need help with the KPMG assessments also, can you pm me please, i’m new to this site x


hey, i need help with the PWC assessments also, can you pm me please, i’m new to this site x

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I got invited to attend the 26th November Launch Pad for Audit Glasgow, was wondering if anyone else has been invited to the same event or any tips anyone has for the day? So nervous


Happy to help: you can PM me… :slight_smile:


I just did my video interview 3 days ago and receive the email saying that the outcome will be released in 3 days. I am so nervous right now.


hi all. can anyone advise on the online test? were the numerical questions difficult? anything i need to prep for?


Hey congrats on your offer, I am doing my video assessment today, does you have any tips for me on how I can be prepared? X


Don’t be nervous, I’m sure you did fine? How did it go? I have mine today and I don’t know how to prepare for this!


Anybody going to the London LP on 6th December? London M&A applicant here and it would be good to get in touch with others that will be there.


Hi, I will attend london lp on 6th Dec. I am applying for audit. Nice to meet you.


Hi everyone!
Has anyone by chance done the Delivering Outcomes online assessment for Data and Technology Consulting? Would appreciate any specific pointers I can get on how different the assessment is for this role compared to others. :slight_smile:


I did Technology and Data so it might be similar. Video questions were about summarising an internal report to stakeholders, introducing yourself to a senior partner (pretty sure everyone gets this question), recommending a way to keep the stakeholders informed about the project and why you chose this position.

The written questions were quite straightforward, one about recommending a service and the other one advising a co-worker about a bug they found in the software testing, just remember the KPMG values when you do these questions! and the rest were just SJT :slight_smile: Good luck!!

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Thank you so much for this! I have three days from today to do it so this definitely helps. Thanks again!


Hi Joe, same here but for different role. Any ideas about how to prepare for that


Hey Lorena, nice to meet you and I’m applying for the same program


Hi I’ve got LP on 6th Dec too! Have no idea wht to expect?!! Is there a group?!