KPMG 2020 Graduate Programme


Yes, I’m in the same boat. Let’s see what happens, I really wanted to go to the assessment center on the 15th of October.

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Does anyone also get the LP invitation today? I get trouble on preparing. The most related post I found here is for 2016. Not sure whether they use the same questions and format every year. I wonder whether Oct 15 is the earliest day for the launch pad. So nervous!!


Update on this: Got a Message saying I’ve been successful in Stage 3 but since others applied before me, they’re progressing theirs first and will let me know soon. Weird cuz I did the test in August :frowning:


You mean you successfully finish the video interview? when did you finish the video interview?


Ooops should have been clearer, I’m still on the Transforming Businesses stage. They’ve had my application on hold for like a month and half


Yes I just got the same message as well; let’s hope for the best. Which office and service line did you apply for btw?


Data and Technology Consulting - Manchester. What about yourself?


Anyone has received any feedback about video interview? I am afraid I am failed cause I guess I the first few one who complete the video interview but haven’t received any feedback yet…


hey Viclin,

Hope you will pass the video interview!
Could you please share something about the video interview? how many questions? Could you please give us some suggestions on how to prepare for that?


Hi, is anyone going to the launchpad on 15th october? it seems like they have changed the process this year with the video interview and now I think the launchpad will be different too so i’m not too sure what questions to prepare for. In previous years it seems they had to do a report at the launch pad but now they seem to have changed it to a critical thinking test which is numerical? i would’ve preferred the report lol, numerical its either right or wrong and its not my strength especially with the time pressure. And why is the interview with the senior partner 40 mins long?!! i hope thats just an exaggeration because wtf lol


Congrats!!! Wish you can successfully get the offer! Could you please tell me your timeline of application? Because I finished my video interview on 25 Sep. but I haven’t got any feedback…


do we need to bring our own laptop? I saw the fb page that they want us to go on a laptop based critical thinking assessment.


nope dont think so, pretty sure they’ll provide one… just need to know our logins i think and bring a calculator


hi when did you finish the video interview?



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thanks! i think i finished my video interview on 22nd september and i was invited to a launchpad on 4th october and luckily 15th october was still available but i think they have other dates coming up soon


what is your service line and office? I hear no one heard anything for consulting yet is that true?


I think it’s sep 20th or 21st?


You got the point, thanks!


I finished delivering outcomes two days ago, but my account keeps showing “continue assessment”. I clicked in and it tells me there is nothing to complete. Does anyone experience the same situation? Is this just technical error of their application system?


That happened to me but it updated after a few days so you should be fine