KPMG 2020 Graduate Programme


hi did you get any reply back about the qualification? And did KPMG contact you recently? It has been a long time I don’t get any information from them since I got the offer.


no…have you?


Hello everyone, I really need someone’s advice. I have made my application on last November for Technology Audit Role. And got an email after I have finished Video Interview saying I have successfully passed.
Then I have checked my portal, it went to ‘‘Launch Pad’’. But few weeks after that, my application status changed to ‘‘on hold’’ and went back to ‘‘delivering outcomes’’. Now it has been like 4 months, I have not received anything invitation to the assessment center. I know there are things like covid-19 affecting it. But doesn’t 4 months sounds a bit too long for an application. Should I still keep hope and wait?


Hi mate, i wouldn’t have much hope especially at this point with all the virus situation going on


seriously get some help man, you are not well at all


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anyone on the intensive programme next year found out what location they’re going to be based at? i.e. manchester london or brum


Do you have any news if they do online Launch pads or online interviews or nothing??


I’m at the Cambridge office so I’m based in Birmingham as I’m intensive


Did they explicitly tell you that you’d be based there? i’m gonna be in Bristol but havent heard anything definitive from from KPMG, altho if youre in cambridge maybe theyre allocating people on a geographical basis


I think you can find in your offer because it has content about your location, my offer said I will be based in London.


Yeah there are specific training hubs that you’re allocated dependent on your home office location


That’s the list in the offer letter but they can only change your home office location


ahh okay perfect don’t think that was included in my offer letter for some reason, but cheers for sharing!!

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don’t have this list in my offer as well, maybe cause I applied for empowered programme?


Empowered won’t show an office on your offer letter as you aren’t required to move to this area for the first year of employment as you have to with intensive


Has anyone heard anything from KPMG regarding the next steps after the online interview?


Can you please tell a bit about online interview?


Hello everyone!

Somebody already did the online assessment center? (due to corona)