KPMG 2020 Graduate Programme



anyone still waiting for their launch pad dates and have any idea when this will be? iam quiet worried as I have tickets booked for april and ill be gone for the whole month and they havent yet had an idea as to when they’ll give a date. Would it be possible for them to have AC in April? becauseI heard all AC usually ends in March.


Me too, I am still in the process of launch pad holding and not quite sure about whether they would arrange the next AC. Do you know the latest AC?



I have an upcoming phone interview for actuarial… Has anyone here done that and how did it go if you did?



Hi, hope you have succeed the LP, just wondering for the Financial modelling delivering outcome(video assessment) is it different with what people been said in the forum? (eg no calculation)
I’ll be very grateful if you can give out any hint, although I know you did yours ages ago…