KPMG 2020 Graduate Programme



I have an upcoming phone interview for actuarial… Has anyone here done that and how did it go if you did?



Hi, hope you have succeed the LP, just wondering for the Financial modelling delivering outcome(video assessment) is it different with what people been said in the forum? (eg no calculation)
I’ll be very grateful if you can give out any hint, although I know you did yours ages ago…


As I recall, there was no calculation in the video assessment. There was a lot of material given during the assessment, some of it referred to Steam Machine. Some tasks ask you to write a short response while some ask you to record your answer. You should base your answers on the material given.
Hope you manage to pass the assessment. Goodluck :smiley:


I had mine last week.
Have you had your interview? If yes, did you hear back yet?



Hi, I actually just attended my LP on Friday 2 days ago. They called inviting me just the Friday week before.


Can someone remind me what the application form was like? Was there a section for work experience? I don’t remember if I put work experience in the application form or not.


There was section on work experience but from what I recall section was not mandatory.


Ah thanks, looks like there is no way going back and checking what I’ve put in the application form


hi all. I have an Assessment Centre (Launch Pad) coming very soon for Audit program. Can someone please share their experience? I would like to know more about group exercise(s), numerical tests (and any other tests) that you had. Thanks very much again for the help!


what was the video interview questions please? how were the situational questions


There are no more AC’s for KPMG due to Coronavirus - they are now splitting it up into 2 stages - 1) Virtual Interview. If you pass ->>> Stage 2) Half-Day AC

Back to the bureaucreacy of stages…

Already did an application, online tests, video interview, telephone interview, and now they want to do another video interview AND an AC.

Where is the logic. I cannot find it. Please, help me find it.

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Due to the Coronavirus my launchpad has also been spilt into a virtual interview and half day AC.

What type of interviews were conducted during the actual interviews in the previous launchpads? Were they more competency based or strengths based?


I received an email that I proceeded to LP stage, but do not have any news yet. What was the phone interview? Did they just call or you decided on specific time? Was it long?


Not every service line has a phone interview as part of the application process. I applied for Audit and there was no phone interview . However as I said above the LP has been split into a live virtual interview and a half-day LP. It will probably be the same for your AC.


Could you please share your experience with online interview? It’s a different format, so I will greatly appreciate if you would share you insights.


My Virtual AC AND physical AC were both cancelled due to Coronavirus. Sad life.


Were you supposed to be attending the London AC this week? They’ve cancelled your online virtual interview? Thats strange, they went ahead with the online interviews last week


He’s talking nonsense. He’s just a troll trying to make people paranoid about their applications

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Nah they actually cancelled my virtual ac.

In light of the unprecedented situation relating to Covid-19, KPMG is continuously reviewing any actions we may need to take.

As a result we wanted to get in touch to let you know that unfortunately the programme you have applied to is no longer recruiting any additional candidates for 2020 entry. This means that your Launch Pad virtual interview will no longer be going ahead and your application will be paused.

If this situation changes, and further roles do become available for the programme you have applied to for 2020 entry, then we will be in touch to enable you to resume your current application.

We want to thank you for your interest in KPMG and the time you have invested in your application to date and appreciate your understanding.

Kind Regards,

KPMG Student Recruitment Team


Hi, did you get any reply about the qualification type?