KPMG 2020 Graduate Programme


Nope it does not, rather the opposite tbh


what do you mean?


I am also on hold since October. Being on hold does not guarantee an AC but rather the opposite, if positions are filled before you, even if u passed you won’t get AC


That is really unfortunate. Which role did you apply for and which office?


London advisory

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Could you plz tell me what’s the process of the AC.


Has anyone who has received an offer from KPMG for 2020 been sent through their formal offer of employment and link to post-offer zone etc., from the Onboarding Team yet? I was made an offer almost four weeks ago and am still awaiting my email from the OT :slight_smile:


Yeah got it in a few days, you should email them


Has anyone accepted an offer for a regional office, for Intensive Audit, based in Birmingham for the first year? Think its Cardiff, Plymouth, Nottingham, Cambridge, Bristol and one more


I’ve received my formal offer of employment a couple of days ago but no link to the post-offer zone. Have you?


I received my formal offer letter within about 3 days of being accepted onto the scheme

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For those who have received an offer, have you received a link and log in details to your post offer zone yet?


Anyone heard back after they got an email saying they’ve passed the VI but there are a number of applicants ahead of them? (for consulting)


Hey, I got the same email (applied to Investment Advisory within tax & pensions), however when I login to the careers portal this is the message I get:

“We are currently scheduling the next Launch Pad event relevant to your application area and will be in contact with you as soon as we can to confirm the date and location.”

Is this good news or just standard because I applied too late?


Hi, I have my delivering outcomes assessment to complete, can you please help with what questions you got? I am applying for the graduate audit programme. any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi there,

I got an invitation to do Delivering Outcomes assessment. Can you let me know how was the test please? especially the video questions & written ones? I’m super nervous about this one.

I hope you can help me!
Thank you


I think that’s good because it probably means you’ll get an AC soon. Did you hear back?


For those who have received and accepted their offer, have you received any further communication from KPMG?



anyone still waiting for their launch pad dates and have any idea when this will be? iam quiet worried as I have tickets booked for april and ill be gone for the whole month and they havent yet had an idea as to when they’ll give a date. Would it be possible for them to have AC in April? becauseI heard all AC usually ends in March.


Me too, I am still in the process of launch pad holding and not quite sure about whether they would arrange the next AC. Do you know the latest AC?