KPMG 2020 Graduate Programme


Hey Lorena, nice to meet you and I’m applying for the same program


Hi I’ve got LP on 6th Dec too! Have no idea wht to expect?!! Is there a group?!


Hi Saya, there is a facebook group actually, if you go onto your KPMG account you should be able to see a link to it. My guess would do tests / group exercise / interview but not 100% sure.


I don’t think there is a huge amount you can prep for, I am just having a think about some common questions (i.e. why KPMG, why your role, recent news etc.)


Yeah, I think so. Thank you and good luck! X


Good to meet you Lorena and I look forward to meeting your properly on the 6th!


wow, nice to meet you, Monica. I have joined the KPMG LP group on facebook, we can add friend through Facebook if you don’t mind. I look forward to meeting you next Friday.


Me too!! Nice to meet you, Jeo. :smiley:I am studying Finance at University of Bath. How about you?


Ah brilliant, I’ve been to the Bath campus a few times and it’s really nice! I studied Theoretical Physics at University of Birmingham, but I graduated in 2018 and have been working since


Next time, when you come to Bath, you can tell me and I am keen to show you around Bath and I know some great brunch and afternoon tea. If you don’t mind, we can chat by facebook.:smile:


Okay :slight_smile:


Hey it is on the 6th :joy:


How was it?


Not sure how to PM here…


Hi,Lorena. Me same for 6th Dec Audit LP. Can I add you as friend on Facebook.


Hey Ive got my LP coming up soon! how did yours go? do you have any tips??


Hey guys! Anyone who had launchpad on 6th Dec in London office and waiting to hear back? When shall we hear back as it was a weekend, today or tomorrow? Also call definitely means an offer necessarily?


Hey Guys, hope your LP on the 6th went well.

I have a LP next month in the London office.

Could anyone be kind enough to give us an insight on what to expect/the process?

Thanks for your help


Hey guys! Anyone who had launchpad on 6th Dec in London office has heard back?


No haven’t heard back as of now? Anyone else who has heard, are we expecting to hear back today?


Hi guys, I attended the London Launchpad on the 6th of December and was offered a full-time position at their London office. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the day or any other tips etc. Thanks.