KPMG 2020 Audit Graduate offer holders Intensive/Empowered


Good afternoon,

Seen a lot of different forums on here in relation to assessment days, but none for offer holders themselves.

I’m a final year student at the University of Nottingham studying Finance, Accounting and Management. I currently have an offer on the Audit Intensive scheme with Cambridge as my home office. As I am on the intensive scheme, I will be based on Birmingham for my first year, along with anyone else who is doing intensive with Birmingham as their training hub or home office.

With the current issue of COVID-19 and uncertainty of internships and graduate schemes and even hiring freezes, following the cancellation of many spring weeks for GS, MS, JPM and others, if anyone has any relevant information, please feel free to post below!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Ehren Lewis


Are you supposed to join on this autumn as well? I haven’t heard anything from onboarding team except SMART contact.


Yeah supposedly, not too sure when still and I’ve had my SMART contact also contact me, but that’s the only correspondence I’ve received from them so far, been months since I’ve heard anything from them, if anything we may just be delayed


I guess so, EY already posted on their webpage that the joining date may be delayed, but it’s still too soon to say. They should start pre-employment screening process very soon if they intend us to join on September. Delaying is fine but I just hope they won’t retract our offer due to this unpredictable crisis. Fingers crossed.


Hi, I am also a offer holder but I didn’t receive any email about SMART CONTACT… when did you get that? I am so worried about that now…


About one months ago, it’s not a big thing, just a guy from local office sent you a welcome email. When did you get the offer?


I got the offer on Oct. 2019, quite long time ago lol… I am so worried about whether they would withdraw some offers due to the virus…


That’s quite long time. Well, there’s always a possibility that they may go through redundancy or stop recruiting new employee by saving cost, but I don’t think the current situation will last until this autumn. As far as I know, the offer holders of pwc still started their graduate programme in this spring, and they were just doing virtual induction. However it differs from firm to firm.


Okay! I heard from my friends who got the offer from Deloitte that they have already started the process of background check for working visa few days ago.


Really? That’s good news. I hope KPMG could start this process very soon, their email said we will hear from them 3-4 months before the starting date. So it’s either this April or May.


Yes! According to my friend,Deloitte requires the offer holders to provide personal materials and the deadline is 5.31, giving enough time for them to prepare.


Does anyone ever hear back from KPMG for pre-employment screening?


not yet


Finger crossed. While I saw KPMG website is still recruiting people and sending offers, that should be a positive signal.


Finally they start!!! I got emails about welcome hub and visa application.


That’s good news, I also received welcome hub link, but no visa application yet. What did they say with your visa application? Did they ask you to apply for it now?


They just ask some simple questions like whether I am in UK now and whether my graduate date has changed…the process has not started officially yet.


Ah I see, I got same questions over a phone call


Kinda worried again because Deloitte has postponed start day for about 60% of new employees to Jan 2021😐


Really? What’s the reason of delaying for four months? I already received emails of pre-employment check from KPMG, they’ve already started onboarding process apparently