KPMG 2019 intake offer holders!


I recently received my offer for the 2019 intake For the Empowered Audit program.

Would love to meet people I’d be working with!!

I’m creating a WhatsApp group and any legit offer holders who want to join can message me at +447491000221 :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m also an offer holder on the same programme and am keen to meet some new people that I’ll be working with. Am I ok to private message you my number so you can add me in?



Hi! I am an offer holder on audit for spring intake. Have you received any further information regarding joining instructions and the start date? Thank you!


Hey, I am starting Audit in Spring 2019 too! I haven’t heard anything beyond receiving the offer letter etc and accepting. By I only got the offer on Tuesday any way. I was told by recruitment the start date would most probably be first week of March, and it says March 2019 in the offer.


congratulations on your offer! I’m autumn intake so I don’t expect to hear anything for a while. I’d be interested in knowing what the next steps in the process are before commencing employment at kpmg, if you wouldn’t mind keeping me updated? cheers!


Thank you. A bunch of checks, quite standard.


Thank you.


Hey, can anyone let us know what the starting salary is for London audit?