KPMG 2019 AUDIT graduate



Hey guys, I was invited to the launch Pad day next month, which is November. Dose anyone know how to stand out on that day? it gonna be my first so I have a bit nervous. Thanks.


hi could you plz share a little bit about how did you answer the 3 questions in the video assessment? what kind of research you did before it? thank you very much :sob:


Think about what interests you the most about KPMG. Not so difficult just be yourself. Good luck!


Hi, does your lauch pad take place on Nov 27?


Hi guys, do you know when the audit launch pad is? For London intakes? I need to submit an evidence for something, hence my application is placed on hold for the moment, will be good to know so I can prepare in the meantime





Just be yourself and ask questions. I actually got into big 4 and happy to help answer any questions anyone may have.

Feel free to pm me any questions