KPMG 2017 Intake



I’m guessing the onboarding team got in touch via email? (About the details of your contact)


They actually rang me first, then sent an email


I have got this KPMG audit Case study presentation assessment coming next week, just wondering do u have any information or tips that can help me with that?


its a spam account.


Anyone else have a Launchpad event in Birmingham on the 26th July?


have a case study interview next week for advisory. any tips?


I do! What grad programme are u going in for?


Yes I am :slight_smile:



I was wondering if you would be able to provide any tips on the KMPG launch pad? I have the day coming up soon and any helpful tips would be really appreciated.

Thank you


Does anyone receive the invitation of launch pad for Reading office?


Audit / Edinburgh, yourself?


I just got the notice, mine is Tax, London. so confused about launch pad…still not approved in the FB group yet


I just had my Launch Pad yesterday and I wouldn’t have performed nearly as well without David. I felt a lot more confident coming into the event with his advice and he was both very genuine and professional.


Hi, how was the launch pad event? Kind regards, Imran


Has anyone else received an email saying their digital submission has been received but “due to a high number of applicants” roles may be filled before progressing to the next stage? Or moreover, has anyone received this email and subsequently been progressed to the next stage/had their application withdrawn?


Yes, I’ve just received that email regarding my application to the graduate Tech Consultant role


Hi Munawar, you might want to take a look at this thread as it seems like many (maybe all?) applicants are in this position at the moment whilst KPMG finalise plans for Launch Pad events


Hi, I’ve got a launch pad day soon, I was wondering what type of things come up in the group activities and what the structure of the day will be?


Hi Cy96,

Have you done your launch pad in Reading?
Can you please provide any advises I will face that soon!

Many thanks,



Hi, is this for September 2018 Graduat Programme start?