KPMG 2017 Intake



Oh cool - there’s someone else lol! I applied for the office in Watford


Anyone here applied to KPMG London office for Audit 2017 and have been accepted and deferred to 2018 entry?


Is this for grad or summer internship?


Is this for grad or summer internship?


Any news from those waiting to be moved from 2018 to 2017 intake for tech consulting (London)?


Nothing so far.


Also nothing


Hi! i just got invited for Launch Pad in London on 27th. Who else got the same?


Hi Jade can you tell me a bit more as to what i can expect from the LaunchPad event? How did you prepare for it and what things to look out for?


I have the launchpad day on the 27th for Tax.

If anyone could list ANY of the questions they experienced for any of the schemes a reply would be really handy


I am more than happy to share with you my experience as I have attended a LaunchPad event for Tax. Feel free to send a message!


hi jade, could you share what they asked you to do at the AC please


Hey could you tell me what the interview questions were like please?


Hey i know its pretty late but can you tell me if the report was on the same company as before AAA? and what questions were asked in the interview and also the group exercise. any help would be appreciated


Anyone got any news from Public Auditing?


Hi that’s very impressive! Just wondering what is KPMG analysis exercise and how to prepare for it. I’m only a 1st-year student and would like to learn as much as possible. Under the time pressure, is there any structure/framework I should follow? any online tests worth paying for to get some practice? Many thanks!


Hey guys i have my Launch pad this month and was wondering if anyone had some tips or insight? Like what industry is the written report company in? Thanks


Hi guys. I have a launch pad event soon and I have a few questions particularly for foreign applicants that have been to one already. As a foreign student, english not being my first language I am a little concerned about the report writing exercise, specially because of the time restriction and the fact that there is no spelling/grammar check. Anyone has any tips or found it particularly difficult? Thank you


Hey guys, does anyone know how long it takes for the onboarding team to get in contact?


I had my launchpad on a Thursday and they got back in touch with me on the Monday afternoon